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Jason Cirone


Meet Jason

I was raised in Pampa, TX. Our home converted to Christianity while I was in elementary school. In that transition, I accepted Christ as a kid while watching a Billy Graham sermon on TV with my dad. Although, having made a profession of a “saving” faith; I did not know what it meant to follow Jesus. So, I tried to be good!

In fifth grade, I experienced my first panic attack, and a 20-year battle with anxiety began.

I turned to the world for answers to overcome my new found fears. In high school, I began to run with crowds that would help me discover substances to experience temporary highs, which helped to mask my hidden anxieties. This new lifestyle resulted in multiple arrests, years of probation and countless amounts of money spent finding trouble; then “paying” to get out of the punishment deserved for the crimes committed.

But God, in his kindness and love revealed his Son, my Savior, at my lowest. In 2017, after a 6-year relationship and co-habitation ended with my son’s mother, I started to seek what I was missing, Jesus Christ! I truly met Jesus when I walked into Watermark and began pursuing Christ with others. And, in that fellowship with other believers, I finally saw what was missing in my faith; a relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

As I pursued Christ at Watermark in 2017, God’s love met me in the most beautiful way and radically changed the way I think, speak and act (Ephesians 4:22-24). The once selfish inflow of worldly passions and pleasures I pursued turned to an outpouring of desiring to love and serve others so they too may know the love God has for them! My gifts and talents are now being used for His kingdom, no longer for mine! God did not need me to be successful, He was asking me to be surrendered! Thank you, Jesus, for accomplishing it all on the cross! (Matthew 16:24)

By God’s Grace, I have a new life in Christ. In His Grace that saved me, He has also given me freedom from anxiety. Praise the Lord! (Acts 3:16, Isaiah 26:3)

Listen to my testimony to learn more about what the Lord did for me; and is willing to do for you!

Personal note: My son, Becker, is an absolute gift. He is my sidekick in ministry and reminds me often of how to unconditionally love and serve others. My hobbies include learning and growing in God’s Word, sharing and receiving God’s wisdom with others and anything Becker is in to!

Please, come fellowship and worship with us! We get to witness life change happen right in front of our eyes every day! Come and see! Praise the Lord!

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