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Finance Assistant

Meet Kaitlin

I was born and raised in the Jackson, Mississippi area and I am a graduate of Mississippi State University (GO DAWGS!!!).

Although I grew up in the church and had heard the gospel all my life, my teenage and college years were marked by a cheap grace ideology (I can do whatever I want, and Jesus will just forgive me!). My greatest desire in life was to be liked and accepted by others rather than to follow Jesus, and I did not begin to understand the gospel and what a relationship with Jesus looked like until I began spending my summers at Kanakuk Kamps with other college students that were taking their faith so seriously.

In 2018, kamp friends convinced me to make the move to Dallas (my first time living out of MS) and I didn’t waste a second getting plugged in at Watermark. The Lord has used authenticity in community groups, accountability, and biblical teaching to completely transform my walk with Him.

In 2020, I got the privilege of doing the Watermark Residency. The residency deeply increased my knowledge about God and the story of the bible, but most importantly increased my knowledge of God, belief in His perfect character, and trust in His sovereign plan. I love getting to be in ministry full time - working behind the scenes with our finance (some would say FUNance) team!! It is a joy to be encouraged and cared for by the staff here.

When I’m not at work, you can find me watching sports with Carter (my husband as of 8/28/21!!!), at a game night with friends, or drinking vanilla lattes in a fun DTX coffee shop!

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