Trevor Evans

Men's Single Adults Coordinator

Meet Trevor

Though born in Katy, TX, my Okie mother decided to move us across the border to her hometown of Duncan, Oklahoma. It is here, in the belt buckle of the bible belt, that I did most of my growing up. As the son of a single mother my life was full of trying to live up to the words my dad said to me when he left, “son, you’re the man of the house now”. I was 8 years old and had no idea how to do this, but I was determined to be “the man” he told me to be. This caused my life to be marked with an approval seeking mindset and a desire for recognition wherever I could find it. I grew arrogant and lustful for attention. Anything that made me feel like “the man”, I gravitated toward.

In 2017, I came to the end of a season of living a double life. I had been waving the banner of Christ while spitting in His face with my actions. Claiming to be chasing after Jesus I was actually running for the things of this world and hurting everyone in my path trying to make a name for myself. It was here that God wrestled me and won. He brought me to the end of myself and all I wanted to do was follow Him. Everything in my life changed. My desires, my love for others, and my purpose for being alive. God had turned me from an arrogant deceiver who sought the approval of others, to a worshiper of Him. Now 5 years later after going through the Watermark Institute I happily serve on the Single Adult’s team.

I am and married to Shannon Evans, a woman who models Christ’s love for me daily. We have a son named Jude and another son on the way! We are both small town people, so we are trying to find new hobbies in the big city of Dallas (let us know what you do for fun). Also, I’m always down for an iced dirt chai latte with oat milk.

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