Brittney Ettenger

Financial Controller

Meet Brittney

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX in a family of drug and alcohol addiction and all the consequences that come with that lifestyle. Even though I went to church every now and then and heard the gospel growing up, my life was marked by partying, unhealthy relationships with men, and striving to be “successful.”

I graduated with my accounting degree from Texas Tech University in 2017 and moved to Dallas to begin my career in consulting. My continued lifestyle choices and misplaced identity led to diagnosed PTSD, depression, and anxiety. My mom suggested getting involved in a church, and I began attending Watermark in 2018 but wrestled with shame, guilt, and doubt for a long time. It wasn’t until August 2019 while streaming a Porch message at home alone that I understood the character of Jesus for the first time and decided to follow Him.

The Lord has been relentlessly pursuing my heart since then, transforming my distrust of people into a mission-focused love and compassion for them. When offered the opportunity to combine my new passion for people knowing the love of Christ with my accounting skills, I hopped on board with the Watermark Finance team in 2021!

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