Brittany Dunn

Single Adults Assistant

Meet Brittany

I was born in Norman, Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner) and raised in a Christian home. Through some childhood trauma, I had a jaded view of who God was and what he wanted from me. I thought if I was good enough - that I could get into heaven.

This led to a life of seeking my worth and identity in the things of this world that only left me feeling more empty than before.

It wasn't until I reached the bottom of my iniquity, my senior year of college, that the Lord brought me to my knees. I had been living a life of rebellion and believing that I had everything under control. It was after this time that I had accepted Jesus in my heart, but I didn't understand what an abiding relationship with Him looked like.

After graduating in May of 2017, I went to work for a management consulting firm in Dallas and shortly after getting settled, my coworkers invited me to church. The Lord used this church and their young adult’s ministry to help me understand what the gospel truly means and how to have a relationship with God. I went from seeing God as this distant, authority figure, to an ever-present, loving Father. I had more joy than I had ever experienced before.

After working for a few years in consulting, I felt called to do something bigger than myself and to stop seeking my own glory, which brought me to Watermark in August of 2021. I serve as the Assistant for our Single Parent Family and Single Adults ministry.

Today, I am joyfully married to my best friend. We love visiting national parks, eating queso, and a good movie date night.

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