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Daniel Crawford

Director of College Ministry

Meet Daniel

I got rejected by Hogwarts, so I went to A&M instead. My passion for personal development first manifested itself in a two-year commitment with Teach For America, where I taught middle school math back in my hometown of Houston. I met my wife, Kelly, in 2012 when we were interns with Mission of Hope in Haiti, and moved to Dallas in 2013 following our wedding. Shortly thereafter, I completed the Watermark Residency Program before rolling onto our College Ministry staff team in 2015. With some major strategic shifts and a newly expanded scope, I have never been more fired up about our mission to call every 18-22 year old in DFW to experience LIFE TO THE FULL in college (John 10:10).

While pregnant with our first child, Kelly & I found out that we were having a boy, and that our son was conceived with a life-limiting diagnosis called Trisomy 18. Though sadly abortion is the common outcome in our scenario, but we believe that God creates every life with a plan and a purpose… so we gave our son a name instead, and Abel Paul Crawford's life story would continue. In the end, we had the honor of loving and caring for him for 15 days out of the womb, and that season of carrying Abel and being carried by the Church was both the hardest and the sweetest we've ever known. Exactly one year later, our daughter Mayfield decided to be born on her big brother's same birthday. Today, Kelly runs a nonprofit whose vision is that every family given a life-limiting diagnosis would cherish their child's life and have hope in the midst of sorrow. It's called Abel Speaks – "And through faith, Abel still speaks…" (Hebrews 11:4

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