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Charla Dixon

Lead Graphic Designer

Meet Charla

“What do you want to be when you grow up?“ Up to the summer before college, I had one answer. Disney. I was the crazy disciplined kid who honestly studied, practiced, wrote the studios, and passionately pursued working for Disney my whole life. Then the summer before college, God definitively called me in an entirely different direction. My first reaction was absolute resistance for a lot of reasons….all of which could boil down to fear, insecurity, and my limited concept of ministry. But God didn’t let up. He changed me, and I never looked back. I had no idea how design and ministry even connected. The fact He knew was enough. So I just kept developing what He put in me. Over the years, God embedded a passion for Him and for His glory and gave me a deep love for this generation. He showed me the power of honest hearts engaged together in His Word walking by faith. Every season showed another side of His grace for what it truly is. Even in chapters that felt like fire, He forged something deeper than an ability or any opportunity. He took an insecure kid and built a love. Eventually, the passion, design and call connected vocationally in a ministry called Breakaway to serve a college generation and now at Watermark to serve a city.

Looking back, it’s not about a road to working in vocational ministry. It was simply His road of deepening my faith in His show His grace is sufficient. I've learned to let God be creative with His Will...and just hang on. Seasons of ministry have looked different but the call runs deep. Disney was just one of the dreams God chose to break in order to do something greater than I imagined. One thing I know…He’s better.

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