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Brett Billman

Director of Finance

Meet Brett

After being born in the great state of Texas, my parents quickly whisked my family away to live a short while in a couple of other states. Luckily, it wasn't long before we made our way back to Texas and settled in Dallas. I was raised in a Christian family where I learned about the gospel at an early age, and I chose to follow Christ early in life.

Growing up in church, I started to find my identity in the rules of religion instead of who I am in Christ. I was good at knowing all of the right answers. Instead of letting the gospel transform me, I judged others by the way they did or didn't follow the rules. I went to Baylor University and began to see myself and others in a different light. I found that my faith was built on a set of rules instead of being built on my Savior. I started pursuing a personal relationship with Christ instead of being part of a religion. The result was complete freedom!

After getting my undergraduate and master's degree in Accounting, I married my high school sweetheart (if you want to hear me brag about someone ad nauseam, just ask me about my wife). We started coming to Watermark in 2010 and immediately noticed something different about this church. The difference had nothing to do with the physical place, but the authenticity of the people. Our family was all in.

Before coming to work as the Director of Finance, I worked for a big four accounting firm and then a hedge fund. Each job kept wanting more of my time and energy, leaving me empty by the time I came home to my family. God provided a way for me to come and use my gifts at Watermark, and I feel extremely blessed to be part of this team!

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