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Jenna Bergstedt

South Dallas Kids Coordinator

Meet Jenna

I was born and raised in Petaluma, CA. I had never been to Texas before, but one day in the airport I met a sweet, old Aggie who talked me into going to college at Texas A&M University. Knowing no one, I decided to go for it. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was clearly the Lord’s direction.

I had no foundation of faith in my life and had only stepped foot into a church a handful of times. I began college living for what the world had to offer – seeking approval from others, trying to fit in, and looking for what I thought the “college experience” should be like. My freshman year, a friend and I began going to church and a college ministry together. I heard the Gospel for the first time and began to understand that the fulfillment I was seeking outside of the Lord would never satisfy me. I knew I desired God, but lacking direction and discipleship, I continued to live my life half in the world.

After graduating in 2016, I moved to Dallas to work as an elementary school teacher for a secular non-profit. I began to wrestle with what I stood for and what the Bible teaches, and I began attending Watermark. Watermark has a culture of authenticity, vulnerability, and a deep call to devote yourself to the Lord. For the first time, I was taught how to interpret Scripture, how to confess and repent, how to live in a community of believers, and how to live for Christ.

I spent five years as an elementary school teacher in and around Dallas and have a passion for working with kids. I am also a recent graduate of the Watermark Institute (class of 2022!). You can now find me back in the community that I love surrounded by the kids and families of South Dallas!

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