Aaron Rose

Audio Director

Meet Aaron

One of my biggest gifts in life was being raised in a family that pursues Christ. I came to faith at an early age after vacation bible school. God has been working on transforming my knowledge of Him to a belief in Him ever since. The people of Watermark have been instrumental in my growth, as I have spent over half my life here.

My love of music and audio started in third grade when my mom enrolled me in orchestra hoping that the fine motor skills practice would fix my poor handwriting. My love of music was born, though my handwriting never improved (sorry mom!). Since then, I went on to play in various youth group events, youth orchestras, bands, and eventually majored in viola performance at SMU, where I also met my best friend and wife! My interest in audio engineering came when a band I was in recorded at a local studio. The engineer and producer eventually became my boss. After six years in post-production audio, I made the transition to Watermark. I am so grateful to be part a gifted, Christ-centered team!

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