International Discipleship Trips

El Salvador · Haiti · Ethiopia · Central Africa

Did you know Watermark now launches about a dozen international trips each year? Individuals and groups, general trips for everyone and ministry areas, specialty teams and others continue our impactful partnerships by trekking to these nations, building relationships, sharing the Gospel, and accomplishing other important tasks.

  • The “good news” should accompany “good works" - as we serve, we want to provide for people's spiritual needs while meeting many other needs.
  • We want to work through, empower, and support local (indigenous) churches and ministries.
  • We focus on developing people and restoring systems – not just on providing relief.
  • As we seek to disciple others, international trips are a powerful opportunity to disciple our own people, as well

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All members are invited to join us in El Salvador with Compassion International! If you are sponsoring a child in El Salvador, you will have an opportunity to meet your sponsor child. We encourage our members to help us go deeper in El Salvador through building relationships and pouring into children and families through our partnership with Compassion International.

We have one general upcoming trips coming in:

  • August 3 - 10, 2019
  • March 7 - 14, 2020
  • June 6 - 13, 2020

To apply, please click here.

  • Fall Family Trip: November 15th- 20th
  • Spring Family Trip: February 14th- 19th
  • Several trips are taken throughout the year to join Mission of Hope in its work. Mission of Hope is currently doing great work in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Turks and Caicos. Anyone is eligible for a trip if they are a Watermark member, in an active Community Group, and serving internally or externally. General Trips are open to all members, adults and kids (3rd grade and older.)

    Applications for Mission of Hope trips can be found below. Team makeup is across the spectrum of Watermark Church, and there are often trips planned around life stage or specific ministries (such as General Trip, Porch Volunteers Trip, etc.). We're also excited to help Community Groups or Foundation Groups go together to join Mission of Hope.

    If you're interested in one of the trips listed at the top of the page, please check out the following:

    If those resources don't answer your questions, please contact the External Focus Team:


    Through our relationship with E3 Partners, Watermark members help plant churches, build relationships, and share the gospel directly in Ethiopian villages and cities. Our Discipleship Trips to Ethiopia focus largely on evangelism and relationship-building in conjunction with indigenous churches. Watermark members have seen hundreds of individuals make decisions for Christ in the last few years. Following our visits, our church partners in the area continue those relationships and discipleship opportunities. (For a video from last summer's trips, click here. Or visit and use the links on the side to read about past Ethiopia trips.)

    There are two to four Ethiopia trips each summer, but selections begin in October / November. Anyone is elegible for a trip if they are a Watermark member, in an active Community Group, and serving internally or externally. Because E3 Ministries handles selection and training for these Discipleship Trips directly, contact Tim Coblentz at for more information. Or to apply, use the links below:

    Information sessions for 2019 trips (not required, but helpful):

    • Tuesday, November 13th 8:30-9:30pm: Stage 2, Watermark Dallas
    • Wednesday, November 14th 6:45-7:30am: Coffee Shop, Watermark Dallas
    • Sunday, November 18th 1:30-2:15pm: North Community Room, Watermark Dallas

    Watermark’s efforts with ALARM are viewed as our best leadership and discipleship opportunity. Because of the nature of what we’re teaching and the location of our teaching, a great deal of prayer and thought is given regarding whom we ask to take part. Because an African pastor often views anyone teaching from our teams as teaching with the authority and wisdom of a pastor or elder, those who go must have shown themselves worthy of the opportunity on a local level before an invitation is considered or extended.

    To be part of these ALARM trips, a person must be a member, in an active Community Group, and be leading in ministry with Watermark either internally (i.e., teaching an equipping class, leading a foundation group, on leadership for a ministry) or externally (i.e., serving as an External Focus Lay Leader). Those who go must also be comfortable and capable as teachers for audiences of 100 or more Africans. Finally, they must also have demonstrated an ability to apply scripture to difficult issues and circumstances, because that is at the core of all our teaching.

    You can get a great picture of what's been happening through blog posts from past trips at (use the links on the side to choose past ALARM trips).

    The process of becoming part of an ALARM trip begins with nomination by a staff member or ministry leader. All nominees are reviewed by the EF International Directional team, the trip leaders, and the elders to be sure there is no known concern. Once the final nominating list is developed and vetted, invitations are sent with the hope of creating teams that are as effective as possible.

    Please contact the External Focus Team for more information:


    While we encourage anyone to invest in needs around the world, Watermark's short-term Discipleship Trips are reserved for those who have chosen to go "all-in" with us through membership. Why?

    First, trip-goers are representatives of both Christ and Watermark, and they're participating in projects and relationships that Watermark has been building for many years. Second, we know that it's important for people to have community around them who can help them process this opportunity, help them prepare, and pray for them throughout the process and during the trip. Third, it's important for people to be plugged into service locally before they seek to use their gifts and talents overseas. Finally, we truly want to disciple participants through the preparation, the trip itself, and the follow-up after the trip. Membership is important for the commitment and accountability involved.

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