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We're seeking to impact an entire nation through Compassion International. Come join us in sponsoring a child or jumping in on one of our Compassion El Salvador trips!

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By partnering deeply in El Salvador, Watermark members not only have the chance to sponsor 2500 children, we get to participate in these development efforts in connection with the country's churches and Christian leaders. We're beginning to travel to El Salvador to invest deeply in its people and churches in 2019, but the foundation has been laid through sponsoring a few thousand children.

Sponsoring a child only costs $38 a month. But you also get to develop a relationship through writing letters back and forth. Letters are translated both for your child and for you (as needed). It's a fantastic part of providing for this child, who can truly become a lifelong friend to you and your family.

Thank you for joining with us to impact the nation of El Salvador... and impact one child's life forever.

Compassion El Salvador Trips

All members are invited to join us in El Salvador with Compassion International! If you are sponsoring a child in El Salvador, you will have an opportunity to meet your sponsor child. We encourage our members to help us go deeper in El Salvador through building relationships and pouring into children and families through our partnership with Compassion International.

We have general upcoming trips coming in:

  • March 7 - 14, 2020
  • June 6 - 13, 2020

To apply, please click here.