Forgotten Father FAQs

What is the Forgotten Fathers ministry?
Like most Watermark ministries, Forgotten Fathers is a discipleship ministry. Our mission is to heal the wounds of abortion through developing a deeper more intimate knowledge of God and a relationship with Jesus. The core of this ministry is based on a study of what God's Word says about the issues abortion creates.

What if I am still unconvinced that life begins at fertilization?
While science has affirmed what the Bible says about when life begins, we understand the cultural narratives around personhood, the right to choose, and other perspectives that may deter you. We would encourage you to join us anyhow, and allow us the opportunity to work through your thoughts on when life begins and how to process your participation in an abortion.

How can I encourage the woman I got pregnant towards healing?
Someone Cares is Watermark’s after abortion care ministry for women and would be a great place for her to find others who are healing after an abortion. For more information, email

Is registration required for Forgotten Fathers?
Yes, please contact us and let us know of your interest or questions. We will respond ASAP and walk you through the registration process.

When and where do meetings occur?
We meet at Watermark Community Church's Dallas campus at 6:30pm. Check the events below for dates.

Is Forgotten Fathers offered at Watermark’s other campuses?
At this time, the Dallas campus is the only location that offers this ministry. Adding sessions in Plano and Fort Worth is a topic of discussion. Let us know if that's important for you.

What is the duration of each session?
On average, each session lasts 13 weeks. Weekly meetings are 1.5 - 2 hours in length.

  • Week 1 – Orientation
  • Week 2-13 – Curriculum

Can I join any time?
No, we ask that participants register for classes and strive to attend a full session. Currently we have two sessions. Our fall session begins in September and the winter session begins in January.

Do you use a curriculum?
Yes, we use the book "Healing a Father's Heart" It is available on Amazon. We also use a series of handouts that supplement the chapters in the book.

Who are the leaders?
Our leaders are Michael Stubbs and Hugh Stephenson.

Can the leaders talk or meet with me before I commit to the sessions?
Yes. Both of our leaders are happy to talk or meet with anyone. You will be treated with gentleness and respect in all ways regardless of where you are in this journey.

How many in a group?
Currently groups can range from 2 to 6 participants. We may expand to host larger groups in the future.

After I go through the Forgotten Fathers study, what’s next?
The process of healing may begin for you with Forgotten Fathers but it doesn’t end there. As a discipleship ministry, our intention is to help you heal from an abortion and then continue to encourage you towards a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus. It is likely that your participation in an abortion was not an isolated issue, and Re:Generation at Watermark is a holistic approach to help you recover in Christ when life is broken.