Work Ministry

Do you know how to live out your faith Monday through Saturday at work? "Living out our faith" can mean much more than sharing our faith with coworkers (although that's important). God designed us for productive work. He wants to serve others, use our talents, and redeem creation through what we do. That means we can truly have a "week of worship," each and every week.

Watermark's Work Ministry seeks to help Members make those connections - between what they do daily and God's own work!

Vocational Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are a unique way to gather members who are in similar industries to encourage and equip each other. These groups are in the process of launching, but we would love to know if you're interested in learning more when they start.

Let us know that you're interested here.

If you are interested in helping lead a team like this in the area of your career, please email Ryan Wall.

Upcoming Equipping Class

We hope to hold a class soon that will explore the many ways faith and work can intersect. If you are interested in learning more about this class, please let us know here.

Workplace Equipping

For more on Watermark's Work efforts or affinity groups, contact Ryan Wall at