Trading Ambition for Faithfulness

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Before he led at Watermark’s Young Adult Ministry or preached at Harris Creek in Waco, Jonathan “JP” Pokluda was money-driven and success-obsessed. In this week’s Church Leadership Podcast, JP shares how he found himself in vocational ministry with no ladder to climb and had to rethink his whole approach to life.

John McGee, Jonathan PokludaMay 1, 2023

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Trading Ambition for Faithfulness
John McGee, Jonathan PokludaMay 1, 2023
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Finding Your Voice as a Leader
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Quiet Quitting?
John McGee, Adam TarnowSep 21, 2022
Why Your Plan May Not Be Working
John McGeeSep 7, 2022
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Productivity and Time Management Tactics
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John McGeeJul 27, 2022
How to Change Your Church Culture
John McGee, Jonathan PokludaJul 12, 2022
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Blake HolmesJun 1, 2022
How You Should Measure Success
John McGee, Timothy "TA" AteekMay 18, 2022
The Art of Saying No
John McGee, David PenuelApr 19, 2022
Why Membership Matters
John McGee, David Penuel, Emma Dotter, Blake HolmesApr 5, 2022
10 Questions to Help You Problem Solve When You Are Stuck
John McGee, Caitlin Van WagonerMar 14, 2022
How to Stand Out by Showing You’re All In (For Emerging Leaders and Those Who Lead Them)
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeFeb 16, 2022
Adaptive Leadership with Tod Bolsinger
John McGeeJan 25, 2022
Things You Would Miss If You Didn’t Lead
John McGeeJan 11, 2022
The Power of Empathy
John McGee, Mandy BagdanovDec 15, 2021
How to Spot, Squash, and Prevent Silos
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeNov 24, 2021
Finding Freedom from Anxiety
John McGee, David MarvinNov 10, 2021
Training the Next Generation of Leaders
John McGee, Blake Holmes, John CoxOct 27, 2021
Should You Take A Sabbatical?
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeSep 22, 2021
Obscurity is not an Obstacle
John McGeeSep 1, 2021
Team Leadership
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeAug 11, 2021
Rethinking the Multi-site Model
John McGee, John CoxJul 28, 2021
Feedback: What To Do When It Goes Wrong?
John McGee, Caitlin Van WagonerJul 2, 2021
Feedback: How to Give It, How to Receive It, and Why It Matters
John McGee, Caitlin Van WagonerJun 30, 2021
The Importance of Optimism
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeJun 16, 2021
What Older Leaders Want You To Know
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeJun 2, 2021
What Young Leaders Want You To Know
John McGee, JD Rodgers, Emma Dotter, Gabrielle OdomMay 19, 2021
Letting People Go
John McGee, Todd Wagner, Luke FriesenApr 14, 2021
A Leader's Online Presence
John McGee, Todd Wagner, Jonathan PokludaMar 31, 2021
A Leader and Their Marriage (feat. Pam McGee)
Adam Tarnow, John McGee, Pam McGeeMar 17, 2021
Gospel-Informed Leadership (ft. Paul David Tripp)
John McGeeFeb 24, 2021
A Leader's Prayer Life
John McGee, Nathan Wagnon, Blake HolmesFeb 10, 2021
Five Temptations Leaders Are Facing
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeJan 27, 2021
3 Approaches to Goal Setting
Adam Tarnow, John McGee, Caitlin Van Wagoner, John CoxJan 11, 2021
Saying Thanks
John McGeeDec 28, 2020
Reinventing Yourself
Adam Tarnow, John McGee, David PenuelDec 21, 2020
How We Think About Women in Leadership
Adam Tarnow, John McGee, Caitlin Van WagonerNov 9, 2020
Visionaries and Integrators
John McGee, Adam TarnowSep 28, 2020
The Weight of a Leader's Words
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeAug 31, 2020
Great Questions Leaders Ask
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeAug 11, 2020
How to Care for People in Crisis
Adam Tarnow, John McGee, Blake HolmesJul 20, 2020
Getting Out of a Slump
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeJun 15, 2020
Leading Through Uncertainty
Adam Tarnow, John McGeeJun 1, 2020
Leading Through Crisis
John McGee, Adam TarnowAug 21, 2018

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