A Model for Friendship


Sean HillJan 17, 2021

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Discussion Questions

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  1. Think about some of your closest friends. How did those friendships begin?

  2. Read Luke 7:36-50. Why was it a big deal that Jesus ate with the Pharisees? What do you think was his motivation?
    -The Pharisees were the religious leaders of that day, they were considered Jesus' worldly enemies. Jesus' motivation was to love people.

  3. Would you say your group of friends is including of others? Why or why not?

  4. Why was the way Jesus interacted with the woman such a big deal?
    - Within the social context she was seen as an outcast. The Pharisees didn't typically associate with "sinners".

  5. Based on Jesus' interactions with the Pharisees and this woman, what can we tell about the way Jesus cared for people despite social pressures?
    - Jesus was a friend to all, Jesus had compassion for all, prioritizing people over popularity.

  6. Who are some people in your life that clearly have compassion for others? What's unique about the way they treat others?

  7. How should the Gospel encourage and empower us to bring people in?
    - The ground is level at the cross. All of us have something in common, we need Jesus as a our Savior, (cf. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5).

  8. What's stopping you from inviting others to Small Group or Wake? Who is one person you could bring next week?

About 'Resolve'

In a world where connection looks more different than it ever has, how can we resolve to be the friends God created us to be in 2021?