How to Choose a Leader and Be a Leader

In God We Trust

Sean HillNov 1, 2020

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How to Choose a Leader and Be a Leader
Sean HillNov 1, 2020

Discussion Questions

  1. Who we choose to follow has a significant impact on our lives everyday. What're some examples of people that you've chosen to follow? (Friends, social media influencers, youtube accounts, etc.)

  2. Read 1 Samuel 8:4-7, 18-20. Israel wanted a king "like all the nations" and rejected God as their true King. When you've chosen to follow others before following God, how has that impacted your life?

  3. How we choose our leaders is really important. What are some things you should evaluate in a person before choosing to follow them?
    (Character, obedience to God's Word, integrity, how they treat others, etc.)

  4. Read 1 Samuel 12:12-15. A godly leader is one who leads others to follow our true King. Who is an example of a godly leader in your life that you want to follow and imitate? Do you feel like others would consider you to be that kind of leader?

  5. Read 1 Samuel 15:24-30. Saul cared more about his platform, title and reputation than he did about the people. What are the right motives for someone to be in leadership?

  6. Read 1 Samuel 17:31-37. David, despite only being a young shepherd boy, decided to lead before he had the title of a "leader". In what areas of your life can you be a leader right now?

  7. From David's lineage came Jesus, our ultimate King. In what ways is Jesus our model of perfect leadership? Read Mark 10:45.
    (Jesus wasn't seeking His own glory, He lead by serving, He laid down His life, etc.)

About 'In God We Trust'

Our Nation’s motto is ‘In God We Trust’, yet we are living in a world that is increasingly abandoning its trust in God and what His Word says is true. So how should students live in a nation that seemingly grows in its opposition to Biblical truths? In our newest series, In God We Trust, we want to help students truly place their trust in God as they see and respond to the world around them from a Biblical worldview. We want to point out where this is true, and how we can fully place our trust in God.