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Podcast: Distance Learning Tips from Homeschool Veterans

One of the many effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had is that it has thrust kids and their parents into the new world of “Distance Learning”. In this short episode, Wes Butler interviews homeschool and work-from-home veterans, Brian and Morgan Buchek to discuss three best practices for parents as we tackle this new reality in our homes.

Be sure to check out these Read-Aloud resources that the Bucheks recommended:
Louis Zamperini: Redemption (Heroes of History):
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (The Wingfeather Saga) by Andrew Peterson:
Chronicles of Narnia Series:
How to Play Farkle:

Wes Butler, Brian Buchek, Morgan BuchekApr 1, 2020

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Here are three important tips for Distance/Homeschool Education:

  1. View this as an incredible opportunity for unhurried time for your family. It’s a gift that won’t be here forever. Check out Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
  2. Don’t panic! Your kids are going to be fine. Their education will not go down the toilet from losing these months of school. Along with that, don’t use this as an opportunity to make your kid excellent where they struggle. Instead, give them time to develop their strengths!
  3. Keep a loose rhythm to your day. A schedule is meant to be a tool, not a tyrant. Lower the expectations you’re putting on yourself and your kids. You’re going to get stuck on a call, kids are going to squabble, baby won’t nap. Consider taking this approach: “What is one thing today that will make today successful?”
  4. BONUS TIP: Get buy-in from your kids! Involve them in the whole process! Ask your kids for feedback and wisely implement the things you can.