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A Song Worth Singing: Can You 'Hark' Like This?

Ten verses. That?s all it took Charles Wesley to convey the basic tenets of our faith in what is considered one of the most popular hymns of all time, ?Hark! The Herald Angels Sing?. Are we heralds of God?s righteousness? Do we truly grasp the extent of God?s sacrificial love and can we clearly and correctly articulate what we believe?

Todd WagnerDec 16, 2007

In This Series (3)
The "Perfect Christmas"
Todd WagnerDec 24, 2007
A Song Worth Singing: Can You 'Hark' Like This?
Todd WagnerDec 16, 2007
If We Don't "Go Tell it on the Mountain", We Ain't Doin' Right
Todd WagnerDec 9, 2007

About 'The Carols of Christmas'

A carol, a song we traditionally associate with Christmas, originally referred to a chorus that people would gather around and sing in a circle. Today, Christmas carols are as much a part of the celebration of the season as beautifully trimmed trees and the exchange of gifts. But amidst the hustle of the holidays, have these songs lost their meaning?In this series, we look at three carols and their application for us in this Christmas season and beyond: ?Go Tell it on the Mountain?, ?Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,? and ?The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?. Not simply sentimental songs of the season, each carol celebrates eternal truths of redemption, peace, evangelism -- even angels, conflict resolution and our struggles with sin. This message series will challenge you to rethink the significance of the words behind songs you may have sung for years.Let this message inspire you to yield more fully to Christ regardless of the season. You may never sing a Christmas carol the same way again.