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Drunkenness & Soberness

Are you living for the weekend? Is a glass of wine or a cold beer your go-to after a rough day? It's time to consider the why behind the drink. This week's message navigates the vice of drunkenness and the freedom found in the virtue of soberness.

David MarvinFeb 27, 2018

Messages In This Series (8)
Drunkenness & Soberness
David MarvinFeb 27, 2018
Gossip & Restraint
David MarvinFeb 20, 2018
Lust & Self-Control
Jonathan PokludaFeb 13, 2018
Anger & Forgiveness
Jonathan PokludaFeb 6, 2018
Greed & Generosity
David MarvinJan 30, 2018
Entitlement & Gratitude
David MarvinJan 23, 2018
Laziness & Discipline
Jonathan PokludaJan 16, 2018
Pride & Humility
Jonathan PokludaNov 28, 2017