More Than Enough: How It's Going and How We'll Know

More Than Enough

Recapping God's provision for purchase of the land in 2003, Todd discusses our opportunity to move forward with building a worship center. The "More Than Enough" campaign is not about getting a building built but rather stewarding our resources in an excellent, God-honoring way as we continue to seek the Lord and ask Him how we should respond with what we have.

Todd WagnerSep 12, 2004
Exodus 35:5-36:6

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About 'More Than Enough'

This series of messages provides a glimpse into the vision and the heart behind our campaign to build a facility that will allow us to more effectively serve the Dallas community. A consistent place where people can come and hear about the life transforming message of Christ and a safe place to gather and experience love and grace. For further details about More Than Enough, please visit <link></link>.