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Watermark Kids Kit

Resources to Help Train Up the Next Generation at Home

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Welcome to the Watermark Kids Kit! Each week you will find engaging, Christ-centered resources for preschool and elementary-aged kids, including those with special and additional needs. Below, you will have the opportunity to choose the specific kit you need.

Wondering what to do after that? We recommend first watching the teaching video with your kids, where a member of our Watermark Kids team shares a story from God’s Word along with a main takeaway for the week. You will also find a list of additional resources that includes a discussion guide, activity guide, worship playlist, and more. Choose to work your way through any, or all, of the additional resources over the weekend, then take a look at our suggestions to keep the lesson going throughout the week. That’s it!

Whether you are a seasoned Sunday school teacher, first-time disciple-maker, or somewhere in between, we hope you find the Watermark Kids Kit helpful in teaching the next generation about how the Bible is a bunch of smaller stories that point to one, big, true story – the story of God and His rescue plan through Jesus.

Did you miss a week? Check out our Kids Kit Archive to find all of our previous Kits.

Kids Kit Resources for January 17

This Week's Teaching Truth

Jesus wants us to follow Him

This Week's Finish Line

We can respond gently when people are in tough circumstances

This Week's Stories

Fishers of Men and John 11