Give & Go Boxes

Build a Box... for Our Own Backyard!

For years, our people have built shoeboxes for those in need. But even though we loved those opportunities, we've long wondered if we could serve people a little closer to home, through relationships we already have.

So we built that opportunity. This year, boxes go to our Ministry Partners and those they serve. That means you've got options, and local people get the blessing of a box packed just for them. And what's more, you can "follow your box" and serve!

Fill a Box

Boxes due by December 3rd.

  • Get your white box AND ministry-specific flier from Watermark (during weekend worship services).
  • Each flier has unique instructions and a unique packing list - be sure to read the directions!
    • In Plano, the options include giving "care packages" to international students, baby items to pregnancy center visitors, classroom items to teachers, and stocking stuffers or Bibles for use at QuestClinic!
    • In Fort Worth, the options include warmth gear for the homeless, Christmas treats for women in a safe home, and kids' gifts for refugee children and others from low-income families.
    • In Dallas, our Ministry Partners have provided 21 different options! See the basic options here, or come browse at our tables!
  • Deliver your box to the ministry, or bring it to Watermark by the final service on Dec. 3.

Help Distribute & Collect Boxes

We need your help to pass out boxes & fliers, answer questions, and collect boxes!

When: During each worship service through Dec. 3
Who: All ages (little kids welcome with an adult)
Where: Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano campuses

Sign up by clicking on your campus in the line above

Tips & Ideas

Get the most out of your Give & Go Boxes experience!

Put the box together easily...

  1. "Open" the folded box so it's a rectangular frame
  2. On the bottom (with the four flaps), fold the larger flaps in FIRST
  3. Fold the smaller flaps in, and tuck the tabs into the slots on the larger flaps
  4. The other side is the top of the box - fold it down (but don't seal your box before you turn it in)

Disciple your kids...

If you have kids, this a great chance to teach them about serving! Click here for a discipleship guide.

Follow your box...

One of the best things about giving boxes locally is the chance to "follow the box" and serve! Many of our Ministry Partners have opportunities to serve this season, and all of them have chances for involvement in 2018. The Give & Go Box fliers will give you more info!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing Give & Go Boxes instead of Operation Christmas Child?

We have loved serving with Operation Christmas Child and certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from serving there. It's a great ministry.

But this year we are going local! We want to bless our local ministry partners by helping them provide gifts and needed items to those they serve. Hundreds of local people in the DFW area will be reminded that they are loved and cared about this holiday season because of the Give & Go Boxes!

This method also gives our people the opportunity to come face-to-face with the ministries and people who receive their boxes. We love that!

Do I have to use the boxes provided by Watermark?

Yes! This helps ensure we can effectively get boxes to Ministry Partners, that they can effectively organize and distribute them, and that what people receive is roughly the same.

Do I have to stick to the item list on the flyer?

Yes! Ministries have identified specific items they need. We want to help them in the ways that help best. (In many cases, though, the flyer will indicate that you can use your creativity to buy gifts along the lines of the examples in the list. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully!)

Can I build more than one box?

Absolutely! Just please only pick up flyers for boxes you intend to build.

How much does it cost?

This is another advantage over sending boxes overseas: there's very little transportation cost! So we're simply asking for $1 to cover the cost of the box itself. You can bring it when you get the box, or bring it to us before Dec. 3.

Should I bring the box to Watermark or take it to the Ministry Partner?

Either is great with us. BUT, if the flyer indicates that Ministry Partners can take a drop-off, we would highly encourage it! This is a great way to meet them face-to-face, see their building, and perhaps even serve with the ministry.

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