Membership Process

During our four-step Membership process, you'll not only learn what it means to be on mission here at Watermark – but you'll get an overview of the equipping, serving, and connecting opportunities available to help you believe, belong, be trained, and be strong in a life of ministry. Wondering why Membership matters? Explore more here.

Unable to attend a Sunday Connecting Event? Let us know here and we can help with next steps!

Step 1: Discover

Discover Watermark
Attend Discover Watermark to learn about our vision, values, and how to plug in. It's the best place to start at Watermark.

Step 2: Commit

Membership Class Part I & II
If after attending Discover Watermark you want to consider becoming a Member, attend Part I & II of our Membership Class. To complete the Membership Class, you'll be asked to sign our Membership Covenant and submit your written and verbal testimony with someone on the Believe Team. To see the Membership booklet, click here.

We ask that Membership Class Part I & II are attended consecutively.

Step 3: Serve

Identify and commit to a place to serve inside Watermark.

Step 4: Connect in a Community Group

Attend a connecting event or let us know that you've formed a group organically with other Watermark Members. Find more information here.

Upcoming Membership Classes