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College Dominican Republic Trip

May 21 -28, we are taking college students on a short term discipleship trip to the Dominican Republic. Through our ministry partner Mission of Hope, we are going to spend a week sharing the gospel, serving the community, and making a ton of memories together. Can’t wait to have you join us!!

Trip Information

  • When: May 21-28, 2022
  • Where: The Dominican Republic
  • With: Mission of Hope
  • Cost: $2,100 Fundraising

Download the trip handbook

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about this event feel free to reach out to us.

Hannah Spence

Students Events Assistant

question_answer Questions?

What is Mission of Hope and what’s their involvement with this trip?

Mission of Hope is a Christian non-profit serving communities in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Key West. Their goal is bring life transformation through education, medical care, church advancement projects, and nutrition. They use short term discipleship trips like ours to connect people to the needs and opportunities of these communities. Mission of Hope will program most of our trip. More information about the organization can be found in the trip handbook linked on the events page or the Mission of Hope website.

What are we doing on this trip? Is there a breakdown of the plans each day?

The three time focuses of the trip are: evangelism, church-advancement projects, and making memories together. Mission of Hope will program most of the trip, and each day will include door-to-door evangelism, and some form of community service (vacation bible school, building/improvement projects). On the final day of the trip, we will have a debrief beach day to enjoy the island and relax before returning home. All the specific details can be found in the trip handbook linked on the events page.

What is the covid/vaccine requirement for this trip? What happens if I get covid in the DR?

Currently, there is NOT a covid vaccination requirement to travel to the Dominican Republic, but there IS a requirement of proving a negative covid test before travel. Those requirements are subject to change.

If anyone tests positive for covid while on the trip, they will be subject to government guidelines of quarantine/retesting. If they still test positive, there will be a limit to the quarantine time before they will receive a travel note, giving them clearance to board the plane and return home regardless of test result. Two staff/leaders will remain with anyone who is quarantining!

How much does this trip cost and how do I pay for it?

Total cost is $2,100 (Mission of Hope costs [food, lodging, operational costs] + airfare).

This is a fundraised trip, and the staff team will be guiding trip members in that process from start to finish. Not only does this method enable people to have these experiences, but also creates opportunity for those not going to support and contribute generously through giving! Participants are welcome (and encouraged) to financially contribute to their trip but are not required to do so.