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Watermark Dallas

Men's & Women's Community Formation

Who is this for?

Any individual who is completely done with membership, but is lacking community. These groups are gender specific and formed based off of life stage. Men's and Women's Community Formation is for you! In quarantine? It’s STILL for you! We will be hosting a live teaching and then have facilitated life-stage specific “tables” to meet others in your area.

*This will be for members of Watermark Community Church that have completed every step of the membership process, except finding Community. This means that you have been to Membership Class 1 and 2, your testimony has been heard and written, you have signed our covenant, and have found and registered for an area to serve. You can check your membership status at and if there are questions, you can email us at

What to expect?

We will be meeting July 26th and August 2nd, to form community groups. Once you register, you will receive two links at a later date in an email. The first link will send you to a live event at 9 AM for a brief teaching and explanation. After that, you will select the second link for your virtual “table” to meet those in your life-stage and geographic location. There will be a facilitator there as well to help lead the discussion both weeks. You will need to be present both weeks to qualify to be placed in a group.

You may be thinking to yourself, saying, “Self, didn’t Watermark just put out a Community Group Finder Tool?” And you’d be right! There are two ways to get plugged into community here at Watermark. One of the ways is organically with people that you meet and the group finder tool can help you do that. This opportunity, Community Formation, is the other way.

Questions? Reach out to

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about this event feel free to reach out to us.

Event Details

  • Sunday, Jul 26, 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Not Provided