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Training Day

Join us on Saturday, February 27, 2016, for a day of equipping! We have planned an extensive and exciting Training Day for you.

Schedule Overview:
9am: Check-in on 3rd Floor of the Tower
9:20am-9:25am: Welcome and Introduction to Training Day by Senior Equipping Director, Blake Holmes.
9:30am-12pm: Session 1
12pm-1pm: Lunch Break (guests may leave to pick up lunch or bring their own lunch to eat on campus)
1pm-3:30pm: Session 2
3:30pm: Training Day completed

The day will start at 9am (for check-in) and will end at 3:30pm. Please meet in the 3rd Floor Lobby for check-in and to be directed to your specific classroom assignment.

The day will be split up into training 2 sessions. There will be a morning session (9:30am- 12pm) and an afternoon session (1pm- 3:30pm). There is a 1 hour break for lunch. Lunch will not be provided on campus.

Four different classes will be offered in the morning and four different classes will be offered in the afternoon. They will run simultaneously each session. You can pick one class to attend for the morning session and one class to attend for the afternoon session. The descriptions of the classes are below to help you make your decision.

Cost: $10 per session or $15 for both. 5 dollars more for day of registration. Kids' Ministry not available for this day.

We look forward to having you at the Spring 2016 Training Day!

Morning Session Class Options (9:30am-12pm)- You will pick ONE during Registration:

• Heaven (Teacher: Jennifer and Scott Clouse)
Description: Have you ever wondered what Scripture teaches about Heaven? When you think of Heaven, what comes to mind? Join us to take a look at what Scripture teaches about Heaven and how believers can look forward to this final destination.

• I Believe I'm Saved, But Am I Sure? (Teachers: Marc Bellah, Shawn Baxter, Derek Matthews)
Description: If you were to die today, how certain are you that you’re going to heaven?  Is it possible that you could somehow lose your salvation? This class will explain biblically how a believer can be assured of salvation and trust confidently in what Christ has accomplished.

• Used and Abused: Reading and Teaching Your Bible in Context (Teachers: Josh Thames, Paige Wikle, and Laura Webb)
Description: Did God really say He will give me whatever my heart wants? Can I really accomplish anything through Christ’s strength? Join us as we look at some commonly misused Bible verses and discuss how to interpret and apply Scripture correctly.

• Image Bearers: A Biblical View of Women (Teachers: Ellie Troyer, Katie Baumgratz, Janie Stephens, and Natalie Wall)
Description: Depending on the worldview, women can be viewed as property, second-rate, or even superior hoping to dominate men. This class will discuss the way women are seen in the worldviews of today, how God initially created the image of women, and the way in which Christ has restored and redeemed the world's distorted view.

Afternoon Session Class Options (1pm-3:30pm)- You will pick ONE during Registration:

• Becoming a Digital Disciple: How to Share Your Faith Online (Teachers: Rick Smith, Philip Ward, and Alaina Anderson)
Description: With almost one billion people on Facebook every day and the average American spending nearly an hour a day on Facebook, one must wonder: are we using our time and resources wisely for the glory of God? Furthermore, if we are not on social media, are we potentially missing out on an incredible mission opportunity? Join us in discussing what it means to be a Christian in our digital world.

• Hot Topics: A Closer Look at Abortion and Gay Marriage (Teachers: Jeff Grandy, Dale Wallace, and Lucy Chang)
Description: With Planned Parenthood consistently in the news and SCOTUS’s decision this summer, it proves difficult to avoid discussing the topics of abortion and gay marriage with friends and family. To better equip yourself for these conversations, join us to learn a brief history of how our country got here, and how believers should respond to these topics in both truth and love.

• Christ: Is He really in the Old Testament? (Teachers: Joey Tisdale and Kari Kurz)
Description: Have you ever wondered if the Old Testament speaks of Christ? You might be surprised by all of the images, prophecies, and passages which speak so greatly of Christ as our savior. Join us as we take a look at the ways Christ is revealed in the Old Testament and how these instances point ahead to His life, death, and resurrection in the New Testament.

• Surrendered Wellness: Stewarding Your Body for God's Glory (Teachers: Becca Nail and Bobby Rodriguez)
Description: Does God care if you are physically fit? Is eating a cheeseburger a sin? Stewardship of our bodies (wellness) is a hot topic inside and outside of the church. Come hear a theology of wellness that will help you navigate this important area of your life. 

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about this event feel free to reach out to us.

Sylvia McCallum

Event Details

  • Saturday, Feb 27, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Not Provided