Logan Wagner

Logan Wagner

Finance Assistant


Meet Logan

I grew up in Lake Worth, Texas, home of the Bull Frogs! I was raised in a Christian home where my family and I attended and served in a local church several times a week. It was by Gods kindness and grace displayed through the words of my sweet Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Rhonda, that I came to accept Jesus Christ as my savoir at a young age!

A few quick facts about me, I love all things sporty and outdoors, I’m 50% Mexican, I was once a powerlifter, and I’m an alumnus of Dallas Baptist University (Go Pats)! My freshman year at DBU I started attending Watermark. Eventually, after a year of soaking up everything I could from the back row of the auditorium, I was too convicted to continue being a consumer. I’ve now been fully deploying my gifts here at Watermark for four years and its been nothing short of an adventure. Over the past four years I’ve become a discipler of young girls, a leader of my peers, a wife, and now a mother!!

There is no better use of your time, talents, and treasures then serving our Savior and it’s been one of the greatest blessings of my life to get to do that within the Church.

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