Chris Hatley

Chris Hatley

Watermark Resources Coordinator


Meet Chris

I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, I couldn’t quite get enough of the dry, desert climate, so I went to The University of Arizona for college. There I studied Psychology and Creative Writing, but those were just great excuses to read good books, talk to interesting people, and write essays about cool stuff like graffiti art and Jesus. In Tucson, I also grew fond of monsoons, raspados, Russian literature, and the local church.

Though I was surrounded by the Gospel and a loving family since birth, Jesus didn’t really get through to me until high school. I used to be awkward, quiet, insecure, and afraid. Young Life Ministry and gospel-centered teaching helped me realize that life really wasn’t about me. Life was about Jesus. That was the best news I ever heard.

Since then, I lived in an English castle for a while, climbed some rocks stateside, led Young Life in Tucson during college, ran the town on a 6-seating bicycle, moved to Dallas, got engaged to Molly (the funniest girl in the whole world), served with College Ministry, completed the Watermark Institute program, and started working with the Resources Team. I get to use my writing and communication skills to make words do work. I am passionate about a lot of things, from coffee beans to quantum mechanics. I believe Jesus doesn’t fit into boxes. Neither should we.

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