We love that you are interested in serving with us! Below are some broad categories outlining the work we’re leading through The Life Initiative (TLI). Read through each area, and then click the button to submit your information and area(s) of interest.

Category 1: Equipping

Engaging Watermark members and families with an informed pro-life ethic and the ability to articulate a biblical worldview related to human flourishing

  • Developing resources and content to address issues around unexpected pregnancy and abortion
  • Organizing and promoting training opportunities in the community
  • Administrative assistance working with student advisory health committees and university organizations

Category 2: Parent Support

Caring for mothers and fathers with an unexpected pregnancy

  • Mentoring new mothers or fathers through and following an unexpected pregnancy
  • Administrative assistance regarding mentors, open groups, and pregnancy resource center partnerships
  • Help identifying resources and supports for housing, transportation, health care

Category 3: After Abortion Care

  • Ministry to women and men healing from past abortions
  • Facilitating small groups for 8-12 week studies for women or men
  • Administrative assistance organizing studies and retreats
  • Moderating social media and promoting events and ministry efforts

Category 4: Advocacy

Promoting unity and coordinating efforts among pro-life stakeholders and Watermark

  • Creating research and summarizing data regarding abortions and unexpected pregnancies
  • Planning and promoting events with pro-life organizations and medical professionals
  • Connecting with leaders and legislators to inform Watermark how to improve care for women and men