Scatter Beta Test

Test-Drive a New Curriculum

Thanks for your willingness to help us test the Scatter curriculum. You're helping us better equip the Watermark body in their callings, occupations, and culture-impacting activities!

Below you will find all you need to know about your Scatter course.

Step One: Find Your Course

Your invitation email indicated a certain area within the Scatter options. Please look below to find your course based on the topic we requested. If you don't remember which course you were invited to try, refer to your invitation email or contact us.

You are welcome to click the link for your course to explore the content a bit. Refer to Step Two for instructions on how to proceed from there.

If you have any questions about the course we invited you to join, contact us.

The Scatter Courses

Step Two: Log In

Once you click your link above, follow these steps to set up your account. (Any problems? Contact us.)

  • On your specific Course Page, click "Start Course" on the upper right side.
  • On the plans page, choose the Individual (usually $4.99/mo) plan and click "Start" under that option. (You will not have to pay anything or give credit card info.)
  • On the information page, fill out your info. Under "Coupon Code:," enter SCATTERBETA (all one word, all caps). Even though it says "Pay Now," just skip that line.
  • Click "Join Scatter" at the bottom of that page.
  • Navigate back to YOUR course (use the links above, or find your course in the list).
  • Bookmark your particular course page so you can return to it as needed.

Step Three: Take the Course & Prepare for Feedback

You can access Scatter between now and the deadline of June 1st.

Once you log in, the content is self-paced. You can expect 1-2 hours of work a week. In addition to the video content, there are both group and self-reflection questions. Please type answers to these in a document to keep track of your learnings.

Because the load is not overwhelming, we encourage you to check out the Scripture, resources, and quotes with each lesson - dig a little!

Part of testing this with us is giving great feedback. That could be regarding:

  • The Platform: ease of access, clarity of navigation, design, etc.
  • Overall view of the content: Does it impact you in a significant way? Was there something that was especially profound/impactful? Something missing?
  • Detailed view of the content: spelling, difficult-to-understand sections, broken links, etc.

You are welcome to give us feedback/ask questions at any point. We will ask that you fill out a survey in June to help understand that value of Scatter. We will also provide an opportunity in June to debrief face to face and would love for you to join if possible.