Fort Worth Campus Updates Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline?

The transition of the Fort Worth campus to an independent, local church will take place June 30, 2020 (the end of Watermark’s fiscal year).

Is there a plan to spin off the other satellite campuses?

No, the Elders do not have plans at this time to transition other Watermark campuses to independent, local churches. The Elders are convicted that an independent, healthy, functioning local church is more effective than a healthy satellite campus of a multisite church. When a campus within the Watermark body is prepared to be everything that God wants it to be as an independent, local church, the Elders will faithfully listen to the Holy Spirit, as was the casein Fort Worth. Satellite campuses are another way for God to make His Church everything it needs to be, and we will continue to faithfully walk alongside them, until the Lord leads the Elders in a new direction.

When will the Fort Worth body appoint local Elders?

The Fort Worth campus leadership will follow the same Elder selection process that Watermark has followed in the past. The men who are in the role of Campus Shepherd at the Fort Worth campus are completing this process now. In the coming months, the Elders of Watermark will present these men as candidates who are qualified for the office of Elder to the Fort Worth body for affirmation.

Will the Fort Worth body still be called Watermark when it becomes an independent church?

After lots of discussion and counsel, we will be changing the name of our church. Taking on a new name will allow us to build an independent brand identity based on the existing values of our church. We want to hear your ideas for our new name.

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Will the Fort Worth body keep the same church governance model and doctrinal beliefs?


Will the Fort Worth body still offer re:generation, re|engage, The Porch, and other Watermark ministries?


Will Sunday morning preaching be local or streamed from Dallas?

Fort Worth’s primary teaching will come from the current Campus Pastor, Tyler Briggs, and other Fort Worth staff communicators.

Is the Fort Worth church financially sustainable?

The Fort Worth campus is forecasted to cover its operating expenses and the cost of replacing centralized shared services by a small margin, but this is only a projection at this point. The Fort Worth leadership team asks each member of the body to prayerfully consider how they are giving as the Fort Worth body enters a new season of independence and full responsibility for the means of the ministry.

What will be Fort Worth’s future relationship with Watermark?

A supportive, family relationship will remain between the teams in Fort Worth and Dallas. The leadership of the church in Fort Worth will continue to have open door access to the leadership in Dallas. Curriculum produced by Watermark will also be available to the Fort Worth team. Most of all, we will pray and support each other in any way possible as we forge forward to love the cities we serve in His name.

How will Fort Worth address its current space needs?

There are plans for the expansion of the balcony and the renovation of the metal building for offices, youth space, and equipping space. The ability to address the needs is dependent upon the sacrificial giving of the Fort Worth body above and beyond giving to the general fund.