Weekend services will be canceled today as we share the hope of Christ with our neighbors. Let's Go, Church!

Our Purpose

This year, we established the Watermark Community Development Corporation to find innovative ways to connect different resources here at Watermark: idea-generators, operational experts, and financial resources to leave a “watermark” and be a blessing to our city.

Some of our initial projects include:

  • Discipleship-based job creation
  • Financial literacy and services for the material poor
  • Housing development for those without access to safe and secure housing

In the future we hope that this will be a platform to help accelerate some of your greatest ideas. With the human and financial resources necessary to mobilize, our body can transform the community

A working board of Watermark Members was created under the authority of the Elders. Board members are Brandon Bloom, Greg Crooks, Brett Johnston, Jessica Lewis, Scott Luttrell, Kacie Martin, Bryan Robert, Keith Shepelwich, Lance Thrailkill, Ryan Wall, and Jeff Ward.

Our Values

Local Church as Hub Our efforts are focused on discipleship.

Relational Context We believe that life change happens best in the context of relationships. We are focused on building authentic relationships over a long period of time that are mutually transforming.

Development-Minded We recognize that there are many ways to help someone in crisis, typically described as relief, rehabilitation, and development. We plan to focus on the development end of the continuum.

Collaborative Partnerships, Collective Impact We look for unique opportunities to partner with like-minded individuals/organizations to help execute in cost efficient, mutually beneficial ways.

Sharing Our "Why" We believe that expressing the reason for our good works is essential. Our intention is that all of our projects and relationships would center around gospel-centered conversations because we know that spiritual transformation is the only path to lasting impact.

Our Focus

Staffing Agency (Jobs) - We are building out a staffing ministry to connect believing candidates that are unemployed or underemployed because of a wide variety of circumstances (formerly incarcerated, single mom, lack of education) with companies willing to invest in their careers.

Starting Entrepreneurial Ventures (Jobs) - We plan to start entrepreneurial ventures in security, catering, landscaping, janitorial, construction, maintenance, screen printing, and other areas that will allow us to focus on intentional discipleship-based job and company creation.

Literacy (Finances) - We have taught 120 participants a biblically-based financial literacy program designed for low-income adults at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand and in our Prison Entrepreneurship Program. We will be rolling this out at Watermark and to other ministry partners over the course of 2019.

Incentivized Development Accounts (Finances) - After participants graduate from the financial literacy program, they have access to Incentivized Development Accounts that offer matched savings towards necessity items like transportation, education, housing, or small business loans. Bankers within our body have come alongside to help match-fund (4:1) these efforts and partner with entrepreneurs. Currently we have ten participants that are developing savings habits towards acquiring these impact assets.

Multi-Family Development (Housing) - We provide transitional housing for both Watermark Members and those being served by our ministry partners in need of safe and stable housing, as well as lodging for pastors and those being trained at our Watermark Institute.

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