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Not Alone: Week 1

Not Alone: Week 1 Hero Image

You Are Not Alone!

In fall of 2018 we started working on a devotional about fear, worry, and anxiety. If you had asked us then what would be causing so much fear and worry, COVID-19 wouldn’t have been found anywhere in our brains, and I assume not yours either. We couldn’t have made up phrases like social distancing or shelter in place. But the amazing thing is… God knew. He knew that this would be our reality today. He knew we would struggle with all the “what ifs” and “how is all of this going to affect me?” And while we might be caught off guard by the instability and the new normal, He’s not.

We originally wrote “Not Alone” for kids. Our hope was that parents would work through it with their kids and help them build a firm foundation of biblical truth which would be an anchor in all of life’s uncertainties. What we didn’t expect was the feedback we would get from teens and adults alike on how much it was encouraging to them.

Our initial plan was for the user to get the entire devotional workbook in their hand and work through it at their own pace. But, the times have changed and so must we. Our new plan is to release it one week at a time. You will find 4 daily devotionals and an activity for day 5. Each day contains a truth about God, a verse, and a devotional with lots of space to write your answers and thoughts. Our hope is you will print it out and do it together as a family or with your community.

On some of the days you will notice a letter before the verse. This indicates a memory verse attached to the ABCs. You can find the complete list of ABC verses below. Don’t feel like you have to memorize them at the pace you come to them, but do start. They will prove to be a mighty sword in the fight against fear, worry, and anxiety.

We know these are some crazy days. Our hope is this will remind you that the God of the Universe is still in control, He is our rock and our refuge, and you are NOT ALONE!