Timeline Weekend: Creation, Patriarchs, Exodus

Did you know that the Bible is made up of a bunch of smaller stories that all point to one big, true story? It’s true! It may seem like the story of Adam and Eve, Moses and the 10 Commandments, Jonah and the big fish, David and Goliath, and Paul’s letters to the Church are just a bunch of random stories that have nothing in common. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The Bible is God-breathed or written by God. It is perfectly pieced together, and every story is an important part of God’s perfect rescue plan. It tells the story of God’s people, the need for His Son, and His plan for the world.

BIBLE TIMELINE: Creation-Patriarchs-Exodus

MEMORY VERSE: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

This Week’s Finish Line: The Pentateuch: Creation – Patriarchs – Exodus

God’s story begins where else? The very beginning!. In the CREATION era Adam was created by God, but he sinned and destroyed God’s perfect creation. God began his rescue plan to save the world and restore man to Himself. In the PATRIARCHS era, Abraham was chosen by God to start a family to represent God to the world. His family became the nation of Israel through which all nations will be blessed. During the EXODUS era, God used Moses to deliver His people from slavery in Egypt and gave them the Law. Because of sin, they had to wander in the desert for 40 years. In each of these three eras, the Bible keeps pointing to someone outside of them who would keep all of God’s promises. Someday someone would come to defeat the enemy once and for all, bless every nation on earth, live the Law perfectly, and make a relationship with God possible once again.

Family Questions:

CREATION (Genesis 1-11)

  1. READ GENESIS 9:8-13 – What did God promise Noah? (He promised to never destroy the earth again by a flood.)
  2. What can we think of when we see a rainbow? (God is faithful and always keeps His promises.)
  3. How does the Creation era point to Jesus? (Adam and Eve sinned and broke our relationship with God. God promised that one day someone would come, defeat the enemy, and provide a way for us to have a relationship with God again… Jesus!)

PATRIARCHS (Genesis 12-50)

4. READ GENESIS 12:1-3 – What did God promise Abraham? (God promises to bless him, to give him land and a big family and that all nations would be blessed thru him.)

5. How does the Patriarchs era point to Jesus? (The promised Messiah would come from Abraham’s family. The very first verse in the New Testament tells us that Jesus is a descendant of Abraham!)

EXODUS (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)

6. READ EXODUS 19:3-6 – What did God promise Moses? (God promised that if the Israelites kept his commands, He would make them His special treasure, a holy kingdom)

7. How does the Exodus era point to Jesus? (God gave Israel the Law because He loved them but no one could keep it perfectly… except Jesus. He would come to live a perfect life and fulfill the Law.)

Bring it Home Conversations & Activities:

* Check out our vision for parents and how to use these activities each week.

Teacher: Meal Time

Review the hand motions and four key words for the Creation, Patriarchs, and Exodus eras. (Hint: you can find all of the key words by clicking here) Ask your kids if they have a favorite story from each of these eras. What do they like about those stories? What does it teach us about God? Is there any way that this story connects to the New Testament and what Jesus has done for us? (ex: In the Creation era, the ark was the only way Noah and his family could be saved from God’s judgment. In the New Testament, we learn that Jesus is the only way we can be saved from God’s judgment.)

Friend: Drive Time

Spend time in the car this week reviewing the whole Bible Timeline. If it helps, print off a copy of the Timeline to keep in your car. Refer to this when you have down time on a drive to go over the names and order of the eras, the icon for each one, and hand motions. Make a game out of it! For example, call out an era and the first one to do the correct hand motion wins the round. Describe an era’s icon and see if your kiddo can guess which era it belongs to (ex: a red balloon = Return era). As we continue learning about each era of the Timeline this year, add to what you’re reviewing by talking about which era a Bible story belongs to.

Counselor: Bedtime

Thank God for being the same God in both the Old and New Testaments. Thank Him for being faithful to always keep His promises and do what He says He will do. Spend time praising Him and thanking Him for how you have seen Him keep His promises in your life.

Coach: Anytime

Print off flash cards for the Creation, Patriarchs, and Exodus eras (found here). Use these to review what your child learned in our elementary ministries this past weekend. Print two copies and make it a matching game. Shuffle the cards and see how fast you can put them in order using the side with pictures. Then try by just using the descriptions. As a family, come up with your own game to review!


Thank God for being the same God in both the Old and New Testaments. Thank Him for being faithful to always keep His promises and do what He says He will do.

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