Three Activities for Preschool Families: Joseph in Egypt

No matter what happens, we can trust God in our circumstances. This week, your children learned about Joseph in Egypt and the Lord’s perfect plan for Joseph while he was there. The story reminds us that wherever we are in our journey, it is all in God’s hands and it is good. This week’s activities are a great opportunity to discuss with your kids how they can trust God no matter what and that God’s plan for us is best.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This week your child learned about Joseph in Egypt. Last week, we learned that Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him, so they sold him as a slave to a group of men from Egypt. Joseph served faithfully when he got to Egypt and was put in charge of an entire household. Then, a lie was told about him, and he was thrown into jail. God was with Joseph in jail, and he was placed in charge of all the other prisoners. God even helped Joseph interpret two servants’ dreams. One day, Pharaoh had dreams that he wanted to know the meaning of, but nobody could help him. One of Pharaoh’s servants remembered Joseph interpreting dreams in prison, and told Pharaoh. God helped Joseph tell Pharaoh that his dreams meant there would be seven years with plenty of food and seven years of famine. Pharaoh placed Joseph in charge of all of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. One day, Joseph’s brothers showed up needing food. Joseph was not mean to them like they were to him, but instead he forgave them and gave them food. He told them that what they meant to do harm, God used for good. God never left Joseph and was always in control. (Genesis 39-46 & 50:15-21)

Teaching Truths:

  1. We can trust God no matter what happens
  2. God is in control of everything

Memory Verse:

"God's way is perfect. All the Lord's promises prove true.” Psalm 18:30

3 Activities that Help Us Learn We Can Trust God and that He Is In Control Of Everything:

1. Joseph's Places

Joseph spent time in three different places, a slave in a house, a jail cell and Pharaoh’s palace.Use three manila folders to make a house, jail cell and a palace. For the house, cut out a large window on one side of the folder and on the inside have your child draw a table, chair and other things you would find in a house. On the next folder, cut out a large rectangle and help your child attach black yarn or thin strips of black paper to the inside of the rectangle with glue or tape to make bars for the cell. On the last folder, cut out a large arched door to make the palace and have your child decorate the outside and inside with sequins and shiny stickers.Grab a large Popsicle stick and draw a face and some clothes on it. Have your child use this Popsicle stick or another small doll to act out the story of Joseph while he was in Egypt. Emphasize with your child that no matter where Joseph was, he always trusted God and knew He was in control. As your child acts out the story, ask him these questions:

What are the three places where Joseph was?

Who protected Joseph?

What did God use Joseph for when he was in Egypt?

When can we trust God?

2. God is in Control

Talk with your child about different things that make him scared, sad or mad. As you talk about different situations, have your child make an expression that goes with the scenario such as a frown or clinched fist. Talk about how he can be brave during those situations because God is in control. Create an expression to represent being brave, such as a superman pose. After you talk about a certain situation and make a facial expression, such as sad face, turn the sad face into a brave expression and talk about how God is in control.

3. Grain Nature Walk

Head outside for a walk with your child. While on your walk, pick up big leaves of all colors and shapes and place them in a basket. Once back home, scatter the leaves all over the yard or driveway. Let your child pretend to gather grain and place it back in the basket. Talk with your child how Joseph knew there were going to be years of drought with no rain, so he collected grain to help feed people and trusted that God was always in control.


Lord, we thank you for the story of Joseph and how it shows your faithfulness and goodness. Help us to trust you this week and remember that our life is in your hands.

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