Three Activities for Preschool Families: John the Baptist

God wants us to tell others about Jesus. It is a simple statement and one that all of us reading this would quickly agree with. However, though it is easy to agree that we should and need to tell others about Jesus, we often do not. I know, for me, evangelism is the weakest area of my walk with Christ. Why? Because I lack faith, and I fear what others might think of me. I have been determined to grow in this area and by God’s grace had the opportunity over the past year to be involved with leading two young ladies to Christ. How about you? When was the last time you shared God’s Good News with someone? Has it been too long? This is a great time to jump in with your kids to tell others about Jesus using the simple activities below.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This week your child learned that God has a perfect plan and that He makes people alike and different. An angel appeared to Zechariah and told him that Elizabeth, his elderly wife, would give birth to a son. They were to name their son John. He would be great in God’s eyes and teach people about God’s forgiveness and mercy. He was to be a messenger to the people about the coming Messiah who was Christ. John grew and lived in the desert, wearing clothes made from camel’s hair and eating honey and locusts. John was sent by God to prepare the way for the Lord. He baptized people; he even baptized Jesus! HE WAS ALWAYS POINTING PEOPLE TO JESUS. The story of John the Baptist’s life can be found in the following passages: Matthew 3:1-12, Mark 1:1 -8, Luke 3, 57-80, and John 1:6-34.

Teaching Truth:

  1. We are to tell others about Jesus

Memory Verse:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

3 Activities that Help Us Learn This Week's Teaching Truth:

1. Adding Loops

Grab several sheets of construction paper and cut it into strips. Talk with your child about how John the Baptist told his friends and everyone about Jesus. Take a strip of paper and make it into a loop and staple or tape it together. Since John told many people about Jesus make several other loops and attach them all together to make a chain. Ask your child who told him about Jesus, then make another loop and attach it to the chain to represent that person. Lastly, ask your child who he is going to tell about Jesus. If needed, help him tell that person about Jesus. Once he has shared the Good News about Jesus, add another loop to the chain. Continue adding loops for each person your child tells about Jesus. See how many loops you can add in a week.

2. Jesus Loves You

On three separate sheets of construction paper, help your child create 3 pictures: a cross, a heart and a face. You can make the pictures as simple or elaborate as you like from just using crayons, paint, or cutting out the objects and gluing them on the construction paper. On each one of the pictures, help your child write “Jesus Loves You!” Deliver one picture to someone in your neighborhood, place another one in an envelope and mail it to a friend or relative who lives far away and lastly, take the third picture with you when you run errands and have your child give it to a clerk at one of the stores. Simply explain to the clerk while your child gives him the picture that, “Today we were thanking Jesus for how much He loves us, and we thought we would bring this picture to encourage you while you’re serving other people all day long. He loves you, too.”

3. Bugs for Snack

At snack time, grab some marshmallows and thin pretzel sticks. John the Baptist lived in the desert and ate bugs and honey. Have your child make some bugs out of the marshmallows and pretzels to have for his snack. While he eats his snack talk with him about John the Baptist by using these questions.

  1. Why did God send John the Baptist?
  2. What did John eat in the desert?
  3. What kind of clothes did John wear?
  4. What did John teach people? (Jesus is coming.)
  5. What do you think it was like living in the desert?


Pray a short, simple prayer thanking God for the people who tell you about Jesus.

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