Three Activities for Preschool Families: Jesus and the Children

The disciples thought Jesus was too busy to spend time with children. They were wrong. He corrected their thinking by saying, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them.”How long has it been since you spent time with Jesus – This morning? Yesterday? Last week? Too long? Be reminded as you walk through these activities with your kids this week that He loves you too and is never too busy to spend time with you. Make sure you are not too busy to spend time with Him.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This week your child learned that Jesus loves children. Jesus always has time for us, and we can talk to Him through prayer. Jesus was sitting with some of His followers, talking to them about families. Little children began to approach Him but were told by the disciples to go away. The disciples were afraid Jesus had more important things to say and do. Jesus quickly said, “No, let the little children come to me.” Jesus loves children, and everyone can come to Him. (Matthew 19:13‐14, Mark 10:13‐14, Luke 18:15‐17)

Teaching Truth:

  1. Jesus loves children
  2. Everyone can come to Jesus

Memory Verse:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

3 Activities that Help Us Learn This Week's Teaching Truth:

1. Red Light Green Light

Play a form of “Red Light, Green Light”. Before you start the game, talk about how the disciples told the children to stop and leave, but how Jesus said to let the children come to Him. Grab a sheet of red & green construction paper. You can cut the paper into circles, if you want. The red paper will be the red light and the green paper the green light. Explain to your child that he will tiptoe forward when he sees the green light and tiptoe backwards when he sees the red light. Play the game with your child by holding up the green light and sharing with him that the children were going to Jesus when the disciples told them to go away (hold up the red light). Jesus saw this and asked children to come (hold up the green light). Play several times even switching places and letting your child hold up the red & green lights.

After you play the game, take a break and talk to your child using these questions.

  • Was Jesus too busy to spend time with children?
  • Can we still come and talk to Jesus even though He’s not sitting in this room? Yes.
  • How? Through prayer.
  • How do you think the children felt when the grown-ups said they couldn’t see Jesus?Does Jesus love children?
  • Does Jesus love you?
  • How do you feel when you know someone loves you?

2. Picture It

Grab four thick wooden craft sticks. Help your child glue the four sticks together to make a square frame. Write, “Jesus loves Me, too!” on the frame. Gather magazines, old photos or even this year’s Christmas cards. Cut out pictures of children and let your child glue them on the frame. Try to get all different kinds of children to use to decorate the frame and then tape a picture of your child in the frame. Talk about the differences among the children. Remind your child that Jesus loves all children no matter what they look like or where they live, and He wants them all to come to Him.

3. Follow the Leader

Sing this song with your child to the tune, “Wheels on the Bus.”

When Jesus saw the children He said

Come to me, Come to me, Come to me

When Jesus saw the children He said

Come to me, all through the day


Pray a short, simple prayer thanking God that everyone can come to Jesus.

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