Three Activities for Preschool Families: God Calls Moses

Control. Wouldn’t most of us like more control over the circumstances in our lives? Maybe that remote control that could stop everything and rewind so we could do something over again? Maybe more control over the choices of others so our lives would be a little less difficult? The truth is, we don’t have that kind of control. The Bible clearly teaches us, however, that God is in control of everything and that He is always with us. That is Good News! The story of God calling Moses demonstrates both of those truths. Dig into the following activities with your kids this week and remind yourself how wonderful it is to trust the One who is in control of everything.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This week your child learned about Moses. The Israelites were living in Egypt where they were working as slaves. A wicked king named Pharaoh commanded to have every Hebrew baby boy killed. Moses’ mother put him in a basket and put him in the Nile River to try to save his life. Pharaoh’s daughter saw the basket floating and decided to keep Moses as her son. When Moses grew up, he left Egypt and worked as a shepherd in the desert. One day, as he was walking, he saw a bush on fire, but it was not burned up. When he went to investigate the burning bush, he heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Moses! Moses!” Moses answered, “Here I am! Who is there?” The Lord answered, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.” God told Moses that He had heard the cries of His people, the Israelites, and He would use Moses to bring them out of Egypt to a land flowing with milk and honey. God told Moses to tell the Israelites that “I AM” sent him. God referred to Himself as “I AM” because He is the one true God and there are no other gods besides Him. God had an amazing plan for Moses. Moses was scared to return to Egypt, but God promised Moses that he would not be alone. God said, “I will be with you.” God is always with us.

Teaching Truth:

  1. God is always with us.

Memory Verse:

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

3 Activities that Help Us Learn That God is Always With Us:

1. Burning Bush

Find a small tree branch to serve as your “bush.” Have your child help you cut out “flames” from red, yellow, and orange construction paper. You can tape them to the branches of your bush and “plant” it in a jar, coffee can, or bowl. Use it as a centerpiece for your table this week and as a starting point to discuss the story at meal times.

2. Baby Moses Snack

During snack time, help your child create Moses in a basket using food. Cut an apple in half and put peanut butter or honey on it so it is sticky enough to carry “baby Moses.” Use a grape, blueberry, or small marshmallow to be baby Moses and then place a cheerio as his head. For the river, mix cream cheese and a little blue food coloring together and smear it on a large graham cracker. Place baby Moses in his basket on the graham cracker, so Moses can float down the river. While your child eats his snack talk about this story using the following questions:

  • Who put Moses in a basket? (his mother)
  • Why was Moses put in a basket? (Pharaoh told everyone to kill all the baby boys)
  • Who found Moses and kept him as her son? (Pharaoh’s daughter)
  • What did Moses do after he left Egypt? (became a shepherd)

3. Our Journey

Go on a journey through the house or the neighborhood. Stop along the way to talk about how God is always with us no matter where we go. Just like God was with Moses when he was in the basket floating down the river or when Moses was in the desert and saw the burning bush.


God you are good! Thank you for the lessons you taught us this week and for always being with us. Help us live with this Truth in a way that honors and glorifies you!

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