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The Life that Flourishes: Sermon Guide

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

  • Which of the beatitudes is the most challenging and convicting to you? Share this with your community group and ask them to help you come up with one way to grow in the characteristic mentioned so that you can both honor God and receive the fullness of all the Lord offers His people.
  • What is one way you can hunger and thirst after righteousness this next week?


What would God say to you if He caught you in the middle of your deepest, darkest moment of rebellion and arrogance? The answer might surprise you. Todd Wagner answers that question as he walks us through Matthew 5:1-12, commonly known as the “Beatitudes,” as we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount."

Key Takeaways

  • The book of Matthew picks up after 400 years of silence and those God loves trapped in dead religion and debauchery.
  • God love is not based on performance. He is not looking for superficial devotion or to be appeased by some good works throughout the week.
  • The Sermon on the Mount doesn’t have the gospel in it (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) but it does make clear the foundation, focus and fruit of a gospel embracing person.
  • God made man in His image and man has "returned the favor" ever since. We think He will react and act just like us. a toxic mistake the Beatitudes corrects.
  • I don’t know what you think about when you think about God, but if it’s not that He loves you and wants to bless you, you don’t have an accurate picture of God.
  • The very first thing God did after He created man and woman is bless them. (Genesis 1:26-28)
  • The beatitudes are the characteristics that should be and will be true of you if you know and love God.
  • There is no good but God and God alone.
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you like what you've got, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you keep doing what you’re doing, you aren’t going to like what you've got.
  • The law was never meant to be a burden, but a tutor that taught us of God’s holiness.
  • The thought of your own sin should so break your heart that it ought to make you weep.
  • Gentle and meek does not mean weak. It means strength under control.
  • If a man doesn’t want to know more of God it is doubtful that He really knows Him at all.
  • God loves you so much that He allows your own stupidity and rebellion to become a source of grace.
  • Amazement doesn’t save—absolute conviction of sin and abandonment of self does.
  • Disciples do...the deluded don’t.
  • Make sure you are persecuted for the good you are doing in Jesus’ name and not the foolishness you are capable of when you don’t walk with him. (Matthew 5:10-12)
  • Believers are blessed but they are promised persecution not health wealth and prosperity.

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