Sermon Guide: June 23, 2019

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

  • Have you and your community group experienced the freedom and fruitfulness that comes from discussing how each of you are stewarding God’s resources (e.g., income, giving, assets, time, talents, etc.) ? If you need help with how to best do this, reach out to your Community Shepherd or Director (
  • What’s one thing—giving, praying, or fasting—that you can do in secret this week as an act of worship to God?


Have you ever won any awards in life? What was your motivation for winning them? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” John Elmore kicks off Matthew chapter 6, asking all of us to answer the question: Are you living to get worship or to give worship?

Key Takeaways

  • Are you living to get worship or to give worship?
  • The Sermon on the Mount is about the characteristics of the citizens of the Kingdom and the conduct that marks them.
  • Three reminders about the Sermon on the Mount: 1) It’s not a list of rules (do’s and don’ts); 2) It’s not who you must be, it’s who God will make you to be; and 3) It’s not a sermon encouraging people to change habits, it’s about how He alone changes hearts.

  • What is your heart when you post things on social media?
  • An idol will initially give you what you want, because it knows it’ll eventually get you. Eventually you’ll be a slave to that which originally served you.
  • Beware of praying for others to hear you rather than for God to steer you.
  • You don’t lose your rewards in heaven when someone sees you do something. You lose your rewards when your motives aren’t to glorify God. God sees your motive.
  • When you give, when you pray, when you fast...not if. Remember: NOT doing the right thing is just as wrong as doing the right thing for the wrong reason.
  • A good biblical principle is when you get, give.
  • Jesus suggests secrecy to sanctify our sinful hearts.
  • You will know an idol by its ability to break your heart.
  • Fasting helps subdue the flesh and clarifies spiritual reality. It’s not about food, it’s about the Father.
  • Jesus isn’t after a change of habits, it’s a change of heart He is after…what we need is a changed heart. The good news? You can’t do that. This is where the Good News and Gospel of Jesus Christ comes in!

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