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Plano Kids Kit for August 16

Plano Kids Kit for August 16 Hero Image Plano Kids Kit for August 16 Hero Image

Join us for the Summer Family Night Challenge

First time to do the Family Night Challenge? Watch our intro video first.

This Week's Lesson: The Birth of the Church

For preschoolers, you may want to read from The Jesus Storybook Bible, "God Sends Help" (p.326-333.) For older kids, read Acts 2 together as a family.

Watch Derek Mathew's message from Sunday, August 16.

What kind of church are the Knights trying to build?

Family Night Discussion Questions:

  1. What was the special present that Jesus sent?
  2. What did the Holy Spirit help the disciples do?
  3. What was the mission Jesus gave us?
  4. What three things did Jesus give us to help us with our mission?
  5. Where does God live, where is the temple of God today?
  6. What is the church?

Family Night Ideas for Fun:

  • Have a family talent show. Each member of the family performs or creates something for the family to view.
  • Make homemade biscuit donuts. (Search "Canned biscuit donut recipe" for instructions.)
  • Create a scavenger hunt around your house.
  • Talk about how we can’t see the Holy Spirit, but Jesus sent the Spirit to be our helper. Share a time when you have felt the Spirit urging you to do something. Have a special time of prayer with the family asking Jesus to give you courage to respond to the Spirit when He asks you to do something hard.
  • Use a balloon for a Holy Spirit demonstration. Tell your child that they are going to feel and hear the wind just like the disciples did the day they received God’s Holy Spirit. Blow up a balloon, but don’t tie it closed. Hold it over your head and release it so it blows around the rooms. Talk about how the disciples couldn’t see the Holy Spirit, but they could hear Him like a rushing wind and they could see the impact He had on people.
  • OR choose your own fun activity.

Throughout the summer we have a unique opportunity to learn together as families. Our entire church, from preschool to elementary to adults, will be focusing on the same Bible passage each week. To make the most of this time, we are issuing the Summer Family Night Challenge! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Watch the Sunday message together as a family either online or in person. Find the Plano messages here.
  2. Set aside a night of the week to be your Family Night for the next six weeks.
  3. Visit the Plano Kids Kit page each week for videos, discussion questions and fun activity ideas that you can use to plan your Family Night.

Your two goals for your Family Night should be to have fun and have some intentional conversation around God's Word.