People of Integrity Share God's Truth Even When it's Not Popular

Have you ever gotten home, looked in the mirror, and realized that you’d been walking around with food in your teeth all day? Why hadn’t anyone told you? Maybe they thought it would’ve been slightly awkward and not your favorite thing to hear. On a much larger scale, the same is true when it comes to sharing God’s truth. We have lots of opportunities to share God’s truth, but the awkwardness and uncertainty about how it will be received can keep us from following God inside, outside, and everywhere in this area.

INTEGRITY: Following God inside, outside, and everywhere!

MEMORY VERSE: “People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.” PROVERBS 10:9 (NLT)

This Week’s Finish Line: People of Integrity Share God's Truth Even When it's Not Popular

During the Kingdom era, the Israelites were eventually divided into two nations, Israel and Judah. Ahab, the king of Israel, did not follow God but the king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, did. Ahab wanted them to go into battle together to take back land that had been stolen by their enemies. Jehoshaphat knew they needed to ask the Lord what they should do. Ahab called in his prophets who told him only what he wanted to hear, not the truth. Jehoshaphat could tell that these prophets were not following the Lord, so he asked if there was anyone willing to share God’s truth. There was one man of integrity willing to stand up to the king of Israel. His name was Micaiah. Others tried to get Micaiah to tell Ahab whatever he wanted to hear, even if it wasn’t God’s way. Micaiah refused and said, “I will say only what my God says.” He warned Ahab and Jehoshaphat that if they went to battle, they would be defeated by their enemies. But King Ahab wouldn’t listen. He got so angry with Micaiah that he sent him to prison. In the end, what God spoke through Micaiah was true and the Israelites were defeated in their battle. Because of his integrity, Micaiah shared God’s truth even when it wasn’t popular.

Family Questions:

READ 2 CHRONICLES 18:6-8, 11-13

  1. What did King Ahab think of Micaiah? (He didn’t like him because Micaiah never told him what he wanted to hear. Micaiah only said what the Lord told him to say.)
  2. What were the other prophets telling the king? (Exactly what wanted to hear- that he would succeed and win the battle.)
  3. What did the messenger tell Micaiah to do? (He told him to just say what everyone else was saying.) Reread verse 13. How did Micaiah respond? (He said he could only say what God told him to say, no matter what.)

READ 2 CHRONICLES 18:16-17, 22-27, 34

  1. What did Micaiah tell the king? (He told King Ahab what God told him. The prophets had lied to him. If the king went into battle he would be killed.
  2. How do you think Micaiah’s actions showed he was a man of integrity?

Bring it Home Conversations & Activities:

* Check out our vision for parents and how to use these activities each week.

Teacher: Meal Time

READ GALATIANS 1:10 What is a question you can ask yourself when you are trying to make a decision about what you should do based on this verse? (Who am I trying to please: myself, others, or God?) When is it hardest for you to make the right choice? What/who influences your decisions? Even if you make the right choice, does that mean things are going to work out perfectly for you? (No) Even when people are persecuting you, you can stand up for Christ and share His love with them. As Christ followers, we should stand out and be different than the world around us.

Friend: Drive Time

When are you tempted to go along with the crowd just so no one gets upset? Why is it hard for us to have integrity in times like that? Does God’s truth ever change? If you were walking into a disaster, would you rather be praised by a crowd or have one friend like Micaiah who would warn you and tell you the truth? Why? How can you be that type of friend to someone this week?

Counselor: Bedtime

Thank God that His truth never changes and that you can trust that His way is always the best way. Ask Him to give you the strength to stand up and share the truth, even when it’s not easy popular.

Coach: Anytime

Use sidewalk chalk to practice this month’s memory verse (Proverbs 10:9). Have each person write out one word until you have the whole verse written out. Further down your driveway or sidewalk, try to draw out the memory verse using pictures instead of words. A little further down, try writing it out in a new handwriting or with the opposite hand, just for fun!


Thank God that His truth never changes, despite what our culture says. Thank Him for giving you the strength to stand up and share the truth whether it’s easy or not popular.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will begin a new character trait, GENEROSITY! See you there!

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