What Jesus Says About Divorce in Matthew 5:31-32: Sermon Guide

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

  • Are you single? Identify a way you can be committed in word and deed to being a disciple of—being married to—Jesus. Share this with your community group and ask them to help you follow-through on your commitment.
  • Are you married? What’s one way you can better love, serve, and be committed to your spouse—the way Jesus loves, serves, and is committed to you—in the next week? Share this in guy or gal time with your community group and follow-up with each other the next time you gather.


What does the Bible actually teach about marriage? What about divorce? Does it address remarriage? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Todd Wagner walks us through Matthew 5:31-32, covering those very three things: marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to interpret Scripture is with Scripture.
  • Before you dive in and study the topic of divorce, you should dive in, study, and become an expert in marriage and reconciliation.
  • This is a message for Kingdom people about Kingdom living and the characteristics of a citizen of heaven and the conduct that defines them.
  • This is earth so His will is not yet done as it is in heaven.
  • The heart of God—throughout all of Scripture—is that you would know His will so that it would go well with you.
  • If you believe in some parts of the Bible and reject other parts, it’s not really the Bible you believe it…it’s yourself.
  • All of us are sinners and fall short of the glory of God; the love of God and the grace of Christ is sufficient for all our sins.
  • God hates divorce but he doesn’t hate divorcees.
  • We can forever be thankful we have a God who is unfailing in His love for us.
  • Marriage is permanent on earth, exclusive to man and woman, and it is illustrative of Christ and His church.
  • The expectation is reconciliation and remaining committed to the marriage covenant.
  • Every marital problem is really a spiritual problem.
  • Don’t marry Gomer unless your name is Hosea and you are ready to love like Jesus loves.
  • Don’t marry someone who is not committed in word and deed to being a disciple of Jesus.
  • Sexual immorality before marriage is likely a tell of what is to come in marriage.
  • The exception clause is NOT an expectation clause.
  • If divorce is part of your story, fully own it.
  • Lose the lie that says, “I've only got two options. I can either divorce or stay married and be miserable." Embrace the Truth. There is another option, and that is you can begin to do the things that make relationships work.
  • What if I am being abused? Remove yourself. Run with Jesus and His people. Remain committed to God glorifying reconciliation with wise counsel.
  • What if I am considering Divorce or am okay with my un-divorced state? Get to Re|engage. There is nothing we have not seen the Lord restore.

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