The Good News of our Good God: He is Risen!

Easter Lily

It’s springtime. Gardens are being planted and flowers are blooming everywhere. Have you ever stopped and looked at a flower bulb? It’s not very appealing to look at, is it? Dirty, brown, wrinkly and essentially dead. If you’d never seen one before you wouldn’t understand the beauty and life that can grow from it. However, the bulb, left to itself, won’t do anything. It can’t. It must be planted in good soil, cared for, watered and nurtured. Just like these bulbs we are all dead because of our sins (Ephesians 2:1) and can’t do anything to make ourselves alive. Yet God, out of His love for us, made us alive in Christ (Ephesians 2:4-5). Because Jesus died for our sins and raised to life again, we, too, can have new life in Him! He alone can make the dead come to life and create beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:3).

GOODNESS: A heart that reflects the excellent character of God

MEMORY VERSE: “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.” LUKE 6:45 (NIV)

This Week’s Finish Line: He is Risen! With God, Nothing is too Good to be True!

We are all sinners. No one is perfect, not one (Romans 3:23). The punishment for our sins is death and being separated from God forever (Romans 6:23). Nothing we can do can ever heal the relationship we once had with God. He is holy and our sin means we can’t be with Him. So what are we to do? WE can’t do anything. God has already done it! (Romans 5:8) God loves us so much that He came down to earth as Jesus, lived a perfect life and took the punishment we deserved by dying on the cross (John 3:16). Death had not defeated Jesus because 3 days later, He came back to life! He offers everyone the free gift of forgiveness and grace (John 14:9). You can’t work hard enough to earn it or to make up for your sins (Ephesians 2:8-9).  All you can do is believe and accept this free gift (Romans 10:9). This truth of the Gospel is not too GOOD to be true!

Family Questions:

  1. Read John 3:16. What do you learn about God from this verse? About Jesus? About yourself?
  2. Talk about what you think it was like for Jesus’ disciples and friends when they found out He was alive again. How would you have felt?
  3. Is there something about the story of the Gospel that you think is too good to be true? Talk about that with your family. Read John 20 together.
  4. How do you see the goodness of God through the story of Easter?

Bring It Home: 3 Activities about the Goodness of Easter

1.  Easter Lilies

Find a flower bulb or seeds, soil and a pot. Ask your kids if they can see any life in these seeds. If you just set them on the counter, could they do anything? Would they come to life on their own? What has to happen? How are we like these seeds? What has to happen for us to have life? Remind your kids that just like these seeds we are dead and can’t do anything to change that. Read Ephesians 2:1-10 together and talk about how only through Christ can we be brought to life. Plant your bulb or seeds, water and care for them. Over the next few weeks see how something that was once dead can be made beautiful and full of life.

2.  Mini-Movie Night

Find some time for a mini-movie night to continue the discussion about the meaning of Easter. What’s in the Bible’s Easter Video walks families through the importance of Easter, and what Jesus did on the cross for all of us. After watching the short video, talk with your kids about what they saw. Ask them what their favorite part was. Was there something they didn’t understand? How does what happened on Easter connect with the rest of the Bible? Grab some paper and markers and let your kids illustrate the story of Easter themselves. Give everyone time to draw something that reminds them of the goodness of God.

3.  Psalm 103

All this month we are challenging the kids in K-5 grade to memorize Psalm 103:1-12. You can take a look at this copy of the verses in NLT. Take some time this week to read through these verses with your kids. What can you see in these verses that remind you of Easter? How is God’s goodness shown both in Psalm 103 and in the amazing story of Jesus’ resurrection? What about Easter makes you want to praise the Lord with all that you are?


Thank God for always keeping His promises, for defeating death and coming back to life just like He said He would. Thank Him for the amazing gift of grace He offers to each of us. Pray for people you know who still need to hear and accept His gift.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will wrap up our month on Goodness by looking at an interaction between Jesus and Peter in John 21 and learning that our goodness is an overflow of God’s goodness to us!

Talk Back

What’s the best question your kids have asked you about God?

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