God Gave Generously So We Can, Too

Look around you right now and try to name as many things that you see that God gave you. Unless you’re sitting in a dark empty room, that list is probably pretty long. God has been so radically generous with us and when we stop and really recognize that, we can’t help but overflow with gratitude. When we see the overwhelming generosity of our God it should spark a desire in our hearts to share that generosity with others.

GENEROSITY: Joyfully sharing what God has given you.

MEMORY VERSE: “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” PROVERBS 11:25 (NLT)

This Week’s Finish Line: God gave generously so we can, too.

After His resurrection but before he returned to heaven, Jesus told them to be witnesses to all the nations about what they had seen and heard. What had they seen? They saw Jesus heal the sick, provide food for the multitude, and even raise the dead to life. Most amazingly, they saw Him give His own life on the cross to pay the debt for their sins and then come back to life again! In Acts 2:42-47 we see all the believers doing just what He said. They had been given the best gift of all and because of God’s generosity they joyfully shared everything he gave them with others. They didn’t have much but they knew all they had was a gift from God so they gave freely out of love for the Lord.

Family Questions:

  1. What commands did Jesus give the believers in Luke 24:44-53? What truth did He remind them of one more time?
  2. Talk about how the believers were living in Acts 2. Parents, talk with your kids about how your own community group lives like the believers in the early church.
  3. Why do you think the early believers were so willing to give so much to each other?
  4. What are some things you and your family can joyfully share with others? If someone asks why you are generous, what would you say to them?

Bring it Home Conversations & Activities:

* Check out our vision for parents and how to use these activities each week.

Teacher: Meal Time

Read through this month’s memory verse, Proverbs 11:25, as a family and have each member say it once. Ask each person to explain what they think it means and put it in their own words (try reading the verse in other Bible translations for ideas!) Talk about examples of when you can be “refreshed” by showing generosity to others. Then, cover it up go around the table having each person say one word of the verse until it’s finished. See if you can work together as a team to memorize the verse! Bonus points for hand motions!

Friend: Drive Time

Try to brainstorm who you or your kids may know that could use a generous and loving friend. Who could you surprise with cookies, or encourage with what you learned in your ministry this weekend? Come up with as many names as you can and each choose one friend to give generously to, whether it’s your time, your words, a gift, or a letter.

Counselor: Bedtime

As you’re putting your kids to bed, remind them how thankful you are that God gave them to you. Pray with your kids thanking God for being so generous with all He has given you. Thank Him for the people who have joyfully shared with you in your times of need. Ask Him to give you opportunities to share what He has given you with others.

Coach: Anytime

Last weekend all of the elementary kids went home with a Thankfulness Calendar. It’s not too late to start making a list of all of the amazing things God has given you. He has given us so many different things that we often take them for granted. Every day until Thanksgiving, have every person in your family share one thing God has given them that they are thankful for and write them on the calendar. See how full you can get your calendar and be sure to praise God for how generous He always is with us.


Thank God for all the ways He has been generous to you. Thank Him for the people who have joyfully shared with you in your times of need. Ask Him to help you be generous with whatever He has given you this week.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will continue with the character trait, GENEROSITY!

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