Community Part 5 – Engaging Missionally: Sermon Guide

The following blog post contains notes and application questions from our February 2, 2020 message, Community Part 5: Engaging Missionally. For more from this series, check out Better Together.

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

  • If you were to sit down with your community group and evaluate your week—where your time went—what would it look like? How many hours would be spent at work? With family? Watching TV? Scrolling on your phone? Reading a book?
  • How are you encouraging one another to engage with those who live nearest you? Can you name your neighbors and do you know ways to pray for them? Have you had spiritual conversations with your neighbors?
  • How are you encouraging each other regarding faithfulness at work? Does the way you work honor your company and ultimately the Lord?
  • What ways can you grow in investing in our city? What is an area of passion that you would like to get more involved with?
  • What would it look like for your community group to be involved internationally? What are ways you can love the international community right here in Dallas?


As we wrap up our series, Better Together, we end with the community core value that is really the culmination of faithfully practicing the other five: Engage Missionally. The church was never meant to be some holy huddle, but rather, a group of people that engaged, loved, and served the world around them. Jeff Ward, Christy Chermak, and Bruce Kendrick teach through different ways you and your community group can excel at engaging missionally right where God has you.

Key Takeaways

  • Good deeds create good will…which opens doors for the good news.
  • Being “missional” is not like a map….there is not one way to think. It is not just a list of service opportunities that you sign up for. It is not one-size-fits all.
  • G - Gifts - In the Bible, a “spiritual gift” is a specific ability that is given by God—empowered by the Holy Spirit—to build up the church and serve others.
  • P - Passions - What do you care the most about? Think about the issues in our community or world that your heart breaks over.
  • S - Specific Needs - What needs have you observed in your neighborhood? City? State? Nation? World?
  • Your serving sweet spot might not be obvious at first…don’t overthink it…simply start and start simply. As you start serving, your gifts and passions will grow and the opportunities to impact others will become clearer.
  • How’s your church—your community group—doing? Are you a church that non-believers see your good deeds and glorify God? Are you under deployed?
  • Lie #1 that holds us back from engaging missionally: we don’t have enough time.
  • The saying “I don’t have enough time” isn’t true. The truth is, we have just as much time as the Lord thinks we should have. Really, what we’re saying when we say “I don’t have enough time to engage missionally,” is that it’s just not important to us.
  • We have enough time, we just have to choose how to prioritize it.
  • Lie #2 that holds us back from engaging missionally: I’m not _______ enough.
  • Here’s the thing—you’re right—you’re not enough. But it’s also never been about you. You were not designed to be enough, you were never meant to be enough. But God is.
  • We’re not told to be “enough”. We’re told to be dependent.
  • Lie #3 that holds us back from engaging missionally: They don’t need me.
  • There are ministries that can’t happen, can’t grow, and can’t start because we don’t have enough leaders. We absolutely and desperately need you.
  • What does engaging missionally—building a bridge—look like for you? How can you respond to God’s call to care for orphans and widows?
  • Shame does not have a home here—in God’s family.

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