Community Part 3 – How are you feeding others? Biblical Counsel: Sermon Guide

The following blog post contains notes and application questions from our January 19, 2020 message, Community Part 3. For more from this series, check out Better Together.

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

Every time your community group gathers together, start your time by reading a passage of Scripture, discussing it, and then come up with one way you can apply what you read before the next time you gather together.


When you need guidance, counsel, and direction in life, where do you turn? The world is always trying to come up with a new narrative to make us feel better about the choices we make. As we continue our series, Better Together, Todd Wagner teaches us the narrative and importance of using God’s Word to live our lives and counsel others.

Key Takeaways

  • We aren’t in the gym of spiritual disciplines for the sake of looking good to the world but for the sake of making Christ known to the world.
  • Temptation isn’t sin, it’s just the reality of life in a fallen world.
  • The reason you want to give attention to the public reading of Scripture is so you don’t give private attention to the sharing of personal opinions.
  • Constantly Counsel Biblically
  • If you don’t want fellowship with the Word of God then you don’t want fellowship with me. The expectation of the Word of God is that it will increase in your life.
  • Most of the people that are walking into churches in America are not Christians.
  • Carefully Counsel Biblically
  • One evidence that you are a Christian is whether the thought of Jesus coming quickly excites you.
  • Communally Counsel Biblically
  • The more divisive the topic the more we need to teach on it. The church is not supposed to be divided! We should be unified.
  • Are you a member and do you need help finding your Community Shepherd or Community Director? Email
  • Courageously Counsel Biblically
  • What possible chance do sheep have in the midst of wolves? A Shepherd.
  • Compassionately Counsel Biblically
  • Comprehensively Counsel Biblically
  • How are you feeding your soul? How are you feeding your flesh? How are you feeding others?

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