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Changed Lives

Changed Lives Hero Image Changed Lives Hero Image

Last weekend, thousands of people gathered to share their stories of faith and take the next step in obedience to Christ by being baptized. There were stories from men and women who, through a personal relationship with Christ, found the abundant life they’d hoped for after years of searching. We heard from couples whose marriages have been transformed by Christ’s power. Here are just a few of the remarkable testimonies shared by people in our Watermark family.

“Even though I had completed my schooling and had a career, I felt empty and not full of joy. Then I lost my job and found myself homeless. Working two to three jobs, I stayed with friends on their couch as I struggled to pay off debt and put money aside for a place to live. I was angry with God and wondered how He could allow this to happen to me. Friends invited me to go to church, but I was so angry I could not bring myself to go. When I finally made it to church, I folded my arms and did not pay attention. Even with my disrespectful attitude, something still pulled me to church. I finally fell to the ground and asked the Lord for forgiveness and to heal my heart. I asked the Lord to soften my heart, help me, and change me. Little by little, and day by day, my heart started to change.

“I started to study God’s Word and not just read it. I started to memorize verses, and I learned the fundamentals of applying biblical principles to my life. I now have a supportive group of women to help me get through hard times. Through prayer and fellowship, I have been able to grow in Christ.” – Paulla V. Sandoval

“I was once a scoffer and did not seek God. When my wife and I got engaged in 2013, she found out about a girl I was talking to behind her back. Repenting that one time, I thought it would wipe out the rest of the sins and girls I’ve spoken to in the past. I was wrong. It only worsened. It was 2015 when Sydney and I started going to the Porch, and that was when I heard God calling out for me, even though He was waiting for me this entire time. It was clear that I needed to confess my sins to my wife, and trust in God. When another guy at Watermark, Jeff Parker, spoke about his own mistakes and confessions, I broke down in front of Sydney and confessed my sins and asked for forgiveness. That was when I accepted Christ, on January 31, 2017.

“Since then, my relationship with my wife has never been better. We are going to re|engage, where I also serve. I love sharing my faith with others – believers and non-believers. I love talking about how God revived my life and my marriage. We are now in a community group, and I am learning His Word as much as I can. I am a new Christian and want to be equipped so I can better glorify God in my conversations with others. I am looking forward to being baptized. Our entire community group plans to attend!” – Roger Benjamin

“Life before I trusted Christ was all about me. I only lived to please myself and to get what I wanted at the time. I was unaware of the sin patterns that I struggled with and where I was stuck. I looked at the world with eyes focused on what I could get for myself, no matter what that involved. I knew about Jesus, but I learned the truth about His purpose and what He did for me on the cross when I started coming to Watermark.

I was invited to the Easter service in 2014 and have been growing in faith ever since. My life has changed in many ways, although I still have areas where I need to grow. I think more about serving others, including my wife. I view the world differently now, and I know what my purpose is. Now I have accepted the free gift of Jesus paying for my sins and reconciling me back to God.” – Dalton Hensley