Schedule & Curriculum

Start Date

The 2017-2018 Residency program will begin on Monday, August 14, 2017.

Weekly Schedule

Schedules will differ depending on each resident’s ministry specialty and responsibilities. Residents should expect to work 20 hours per week within their ministry specialty. (Weekly class time and preparation does not count toward the 20 hours).

  • Resident Meeting at the Dallas Campus (Monday): This time will give you the opportunity to share what you are learning with the other residents, debrief from the previous week and ask questions.
  • Resident Courses - Old & New Testament, Systematic Theology & Apologetics (Monday): Over the course of the year, you will learn how to read the Bible while studying it from cover to cover. Building upon the Old and New Testament Surveys, you will also learn a biblical worldview and be prepared to answer the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith.
  • Pastoral Leadership (Monday): You will also gain wisdom and insight from experienced ministry leaders on Watermark’s pastoral staff. Topics include: conflict resolution, team building, crisis care, communicating for life change, developing a ministry strategy, healthy marriages in ministry, etc.
  • Watermark staff meeting (Tuesday): This is a time in which we gather to share what the Lord is doing in our midst, what we are learning from God’s Word and pray with one another.
  • Ministry team meeting (Tuesday): You will meet weekly with the Director and staff team within your ministry specialty.
  • Ministry event & responsibilities in your area of specialty (Varies): You will be required to prepare for and help lead the weekly ministry event within your ministry specialty (e.g., Shoreline, Re:Generation, Summit, Re-Engage, The Porch, etc.).

Additional Opportunities

  • Sunday Responsibilities: Every resident will be given the opportunity to serve on Sundays in one of the following areas: Frontlines, Children’s or Burden Bearer.
  • “Ride-Alongs”: Every resident will be offered numerous opportunities to “ride along” with our pastoral staff on various assignments and events outside of their ministry specialty. This is done on a volunteer basis and is not required. However, all residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity as it allows you to learn how other ministries work and gain additional experience.
  • Retreats: You will be given the opportunity to attend three retreats throughout the year (fall/spring resident retreats and the staff retreat in January).
  • Staff “Play Days”: A couple of times a year, the staff has a “play day” when we take the time to invest in one another, laugh and have fun.


In addition to real time coaching and feedback throughout the week, each resident will be formally evaluated at three different times. The evaluations will highlight areas of strength and the need for improvement. The evaluations serve as tools for encouragement and self-awareness.